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Don’t say “No” to any opportunity that knocks your door

7 Oct

Some time ago, I received an email saying that I was randomly selected to participate on the selection process to go to a Project Management Workshop in Panama.

The requirement was to fill a form with my project management experience information on previous projects I managed. At the beginning I thought ” There are tons of people with lots of experience, why bother?”..and then I closed the email, and continue with my stuff.

A week later before the deadline to submit the papers, I decided to take it a shot and see what happens. I remembered that if something is meant for you it will happen, right?.   So why saying “No” in advance, without even trying. Guess what?!! I was selected and went for a weekend to Panama, all paid.

Sharing some pics of beautiful Panama for your enjoyment. The trip was not only work, there is always an opportunity to do something new.. every minute of my free time was well spent, visiting places, knowing new people, shopping or having a great dinner..