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Recommend day trip in Costa Rica

24 Feb

If you are thinking for a short day trip in Costa Rica and you are a beach lover. You must read this!!

I have been there three time, and i believe I can repeat it more times. This place I went is a beach about 1.5 hours from Santa Ana, that have white sand and an amazing view.

The place is called “Isla Tortuga”, which means turtle island because the shape of the island resembles a turtle. The beach is only 30 mins from Caldera in the boat I took, or it might take 1.5 hours going in the Catamaran. I totally recommend the boat option though.

The tour I took was Caldera’s tours, and the price is 85 USD considering the pick up from San Jose.

If you want to drive to Caldera, you can do it and leave the car in the restaurant which is in front of that beach. The payment in that case would be only 75 USD.

The first time I went was in the Catamaran and I also liked; however I prefer to spend more time at the beach. The tours in any of the options includes the beverages, fruits for breakfast that are given 30 mins after you get to the island, and also includes the lunch food. Besides it, the caldera tour includes 2 hours of snorkeling.

Super recommended tour. Hope you can try it if you live in Costa Rica or if you come for tourism.







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