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Food and beach in south Peruland

24 Feb

I need to tell you all about the food and the beach during my visit in Peru. Every time I go to Peru, days run out and those do not suffice for everything I want to do.

Peru is recognized for its rich gastronomy so it has dishes from the different departments and regions (Coast, Highland and Tropical). I tried to get some of each region, so you can guess I got some extra weight back with me to Costa Rica.

So, back to the food, those two weeks in Peru I tried dishes such as ceviche, anticuchos, “choritos a la chalaca”, fried Chita (Special fish), etc. Look at them, and try to taste it:








Those dishes above were in a restaurant next to “Embajadores” beach, others in a pub name “ayahuasca” in Barranco, the bohemian district, and others, in a restaurant, a block from my house.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner are important events during the day when you take advantage to spend time with family and talk about everything.

Other ones in another restaurant:






All those dishes were in Huancahuasi restaurant that is about 30km south from Chorillos – Lima

The name dishes are:
– Tiradito de queso,
– Papa a la huancaina ( this is a typical dish that brings the original plate based on a red chilli and the one wish is based on the yellow chilli.. Both of them were mashed as old times using a special stone, we call it “batan”.),
– Ceviche but with this river fish wish is abundant in the hihglands, trout and with artichoke.
– Finally a highland soup, “Patasca”.

While we were waiting for our food, we enjoy a family game always available on those restaurants named “Sapo”(frog). It consist in throwing special and heavy coins into small holes at the top.. Based on the hole, you’ll get points. The maximum point can be gotten if you get the coin to get into the frog mouth which is at the center. It’s really funny!!


As this post title says food and beach, let me leave you with some other beach pictures and a video of the sunset in a beach in the south, name “Santa Maria” beach:




Hope you enjoy this post!!!