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My personal best and worst dresses from the Oscars..

27 Feb

This is just based on my personal style and likes.. but my personal best and worst dresses from the Oscars are:

I like this black dress.

This is the best of the night for me

Lovely dress, it looks great on her.

Green is one of my favorite colors!! And Viola looks great on this one.

I love J Lo but this dress, I don't like it at all. Not sure if she wanted to emphatize certain areas, I just don't like it.

Okay, blue, gray and pink shoes??!! naahhh, didn't like it at all

It seems, for me, a wrapped dress.. it's a NO for me.

A little about me when I go shopping: I understand we have trends per season and clothes that are common in certain periods, but I believe, not necessarily those clothes are right for everyone.

When I go shopping, I like some pieces based on what I like, and if there are something trendy that I like, there you go, I will want to get it.  Also, I try to be conscious that sometimes some trendy clothes might not fit  me, so I just choose another option.

The dresses above are the ones that I liked the most and the ones I disliked.

By the way, about Emma’s red dress. I would rather prefer to make it simpler without the giant bow. I still think she looks gorgeous and sweet, but the bow does not convince me at all.

Hope you enjoyed the Oscar’s as much as I did.