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Aumentando los decibeles…retomando el blogging..

21 Sep

Negligencia, negación a continuar una actividad que me deja fluir como persona, que me permite expresarme mi voz muda cuando intento pronunciarlas con voz alta. Tecnología, sumergirme en el mundo digital, y estar muchas veces viendo la pagina de Facebook cada segundo como si alguien va a publicar algo y uno será el primero en leerlo; tiempos de ocio convertidos en tiempos inertes que no alimentan mi alma. Outlook, correos del trabajo, como si la llegada a la meta es ver el inbox en cero, una meta idílica. Familia, asumiendo roles maternales auto impuestos, cuando tu hermana de 26 años te visita. Reconocimiento, certificación reconocida mundialmente, corriendo a completar tanto curso se aparece en el camino para no perder ese PMP que da un peso a tu curriculum, pero no necesariamente puede dar fe del profesionalismo o buen recurso que uno es.  Amores, tratando de ver que la persona que esta frente a ti, esa que te autosugestionas que es especial, es una falacia, un espejo distorsionado, cambiado al propio para no ver la realidad. Amistades, disfrutando de amigos nuevos que, como lo he dicho muchas veces, se convierten en tu familia extendida; y también reencontrandome con aquellos que siempre tendrán un lugar muy especial; sin importar el tiempo que dejes de verlos, y si es mutuo el sentimiento.  ¿Alguien se siente identificado?.

Esas son las mil y una razones, excusas, por las que he tenido abandono mi blog, he tenido muchos intentos de continuar escribiendo, y escribir seriamente, de expresarme; pero lamentablemente mis intentos han sido fallidos. Será porque en los intentos anteriores, intentaba buscar temas divertidos, temas seguros para mi intimidad?, temas en una lengua no innata a la mía, mi lengua olvidada?. No lo sé, pero voy aquí de nuevo. Intentado expresarme, de la mejor forma que puedo hacerlo.

Voy a aprovechar esta etapa para re-encontrarme. Es una aventura, una aventura Europea, estoy en un mundo alterno?. Como es posible que aún no me de cuenta que estoy de vacaciones. Como me ha costado, o me esta costando hacer ese cambio.  Estoy en el avión, donde la falta de internet, evita que revise correos, que vea el facebook, y que empiece con la tarea de dedicarme a mi.   Que emoción!

Quería dar una actualización a mi ultima lista publicada donde mencionaba varias cosas que quería lograr antes de mi 35 años,, fue una lista ambiciosa; sin embargo logre muchos de los puntos:, aquí les va por si les interesa.

1. Certificación renovada-completada.. Aplausos para mi. Tres años más.
2. Media Maraton, distancia lograda. No fue una carrera especifica pero esta hecha. Me gane una lesion, por correr como caballito; media recuperada, ahí retomando las corridas.
3. Cirsasana, 25 respiraciones..solo llegue a 10. Lo tengo abandonado, espero retomarlo pronto.
4. Viaje a Europa: vamos de camino!!   A vivir cada día al máximo.

Tengo temas pendientes, que espero empezar a moverlos. Ahora lo único que puedo decir es:
“Energía, muévete a mi favor, seguí trayendo las cosas extraordinarias como lo has estado haciendo”, y “Muchas gracias, porque definitivamente soy muy afortunada y bendecida”.

Así empiezo, positivamente… Me ayudan con la cadena de energía positiva?..

Hasta pronto.


Beauty: face cleansing and face lifting

5 Feb

Well, I just want to share what I usually do every other Sunday to keep my face clean and hydrated.

So far, it’s been working pretty good for me and I love how fresh and vitalize my face skin looks after this. The effect last a while, as always as you keep with the daily care.

Today, I did it on the morning; however I recommend to do it at the afternoon, before bed, as it is recommend for you to leave your face with the product after you take the mask away.

From the list below, the only expensive product is the Sating Smooth, which cost me around 40-60 dollars (20 000 – 30 000 colones), I got it in Super Salon, Santa Ana-Costa Rica. The good thing is that it comes 3 masks for 3 applications; in my case that would be 3 months.

The other products you can get it in any market in Costa Rica. I usually get those in Auto Mercado.





 Step 1 – Exfoliate your face with the product you usually use. This time I used Neutrogena, but as you see, it is almost over, so I would look for a new product to try.

Just put the product over your face and rub it in circles, then rinse it with warm water.

Step 2 – Put over your dried face, the mud pud bundantly, avoiding eyes and lips.  Usually each package last me for two applications, so you can use half.  Keep the product over your face until you feel it totally dry.

This product will help you cleaning your face from the everyday pollution. Also, this will give a kind of super clean and healthy look to your skin.

Step 3 – Rinse your face with warm water. This is important to open your pores which is good for the next product to better penetrate to your skin.

You can use some cotton pads to help it. I usually use full water, and only at the end use the cotton pad.

Step 4 – If this is a weekly face cleansing, i usually put my collagen cream from L’oreal or my Hydratant from La Roche-Possay (Effaclar M for oily skin).

If this is my monthly one, then I use the Satin Smooth mask, which is the one I am showing in the pic. You just need to put it, and leave it over your face for about 25 minutes, and then take it out and put it back on the package, as you will re-use it after 24 hours. In the second use, you can take all the liquid in the package and rub it over your face and neck. Remember you won’t rinse your face after this.

Hope you enjoy it and you decide to try it!

Important: Always read the details of the product, to check if you are not allergic to it. Or try it first in a small part of your skin.

Those products are the ones I used, and I personally haven’t had any problems.

Escaping from the Straight Lashes..

22 Jan

Have you ever asked yourself: “What would I do to just wake up with my lashes curled?”, OR maybe, when you were going out of the pool: “what can i do to have water proof curly lashes?”.  Well, maybe some of you have asked yourself, maybe don’t. But ME, ohhh yes!!.  I believe eye lashes can change the aspect of the face or sometimes lift it up when you are not using make up, when you wake up and have your hair all crazy around, or when we want to give that fairy tale blinking look to your love one.  Then, you can imagine that I was very happy when I got the guts to try the perm eye lashes back in 2008, but became a fan only on 2010.

I discovered the semi-perm lashes back in 2003 when my mom’s friends started doing different things on the face such as: face deep cleansing, eye liner “tattoo”, semi-perm eye lashes and many other things.  I remember, she used to spend at least once a week on that esthetic salon and had always a very smooth and fresh skin I used to envy.  So the first step I took was getting an appointment on the esthetic which current name is Kosmo and it is located on Caminos del Inca Av. 1818, Lima-Peru.   After that, you can imagine how it ended. Each time I come to Peru to visit my family, I have a must-stop in Kosmo. Sometimes I try it in Costa Rica, but haven’t found a place to rely on applying the perm lashes. Probably will need to try some more, and get friend’s feedback on the experience.

Going back to the semi-perm, I did a very fast search, as you know the applications are almost over your eye, so I wanted to know pro and cons. There is no much in the web, some says it is not recommended, others says that it can be applied but we need to ensure the applier is certified on it., as there shouldn’t be contact of the product with the eyes. So after this, I run the risks and it was Okay, no side effects, and didn’t feel anything on my eyes different than normal. Still, I recommend you to inform yourself before doing it. Also, you can request always a sensitive test.

A brief summary of the process followed:  your lashes are treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller. While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for above five minutes. The result is that “wide-awake” look, which lasts for two to three months. As any other perm, it is recommended to not wash it after 24 hours. Also, if you would like to tint your eye lashes, then it is a good time to get it tinted.

If you have long eye lashes, the look will look much better. I have short eye lashes; however there is always a difference

Right After the perm

If you decide to try it, let me know how the experience was.

Straight Blowout.. Good or Bad?

17 Jan

Before start telling you my experience with this Straight Blowout, I have to say: Wish you had a great and unforgettable New Year celebrations, surrounded with the people you love.  I wish to you, all the blessings, luck, positive vibes and energy for this 2012. I am sure it will be a great year for all of us. Let’s start living the present the best way!

Well.. I have to tell you how it went with the Straight Blowout that I got the last week of 2011.

In order for you to have an idea on how my hair was, I am adding one pic on how the frizz used to look like. It was pretty much the stamp of my hair. Despite of having a very thin hair, its frizz used to make it seemed that I had abundant hair. It also looked like a frustrated effort to be a little bit curly. :S

I was allowed to go out with this hair, cannot believe it!

Ohhh, I wish I had that very same weight I had in the pic, it was taken back in 2004.  Going back to the hair (sometimes I get distracted easily), my hair has been always very independent and rebel, never obeying when to look combed.   Regardless if it was an old pic or not, my hair used to look as it is in the pic.

Hope, you can understand that I am sooo glad of all the things that came up, facilitating me to look like I combed my hair.

A little bit of history for you.. this is the second time I had tried the straight blowout. Both times I had tried with different products, and I can tell that I do really prefer this second one.  Before getting it, I navigated on Internet in order to be informed and be sure of the decision about using the product INOAR.   INOAR  is used in many countries including UK and USA.  Also, this product was used for a couple of very good friends, and the results were very convincing.

Also, I believe this is something that can be applied by yourself; however, I had a hair style to do it for me. The key thing is to know the amount of the product that will be put in the hair to make it straight…..steps she did:

1. Wash  my hair thoroughly with a special INOAR shampoo (not the daily shampoo).

2. Apply the special INOAR liquid to the hair and let it for 15-20 mins. Then dry it and blow/iron it out.

3. Leave it for about 30-45 mins.

4. Wash the hair, and if required, dry it and blow it/iron it. ( Because I have few and thin hair, we only dried it. Other ones required all).

5. Leave your hair by itself for an hour, and only after it, you can use an elastic, clip or barrette; not before the hour. This is important!

The whole process took around 1.5 – 2 hours. After that I had a manageable hair and I was and am super happy.


It is also recommended to use the special Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in after having this process. I was totally in with this decision, so you can guess I got them!!!.  I am thinking that the next time, i might try it myself.

I was told that it only is applied on the roots for maintenance, after the 3-4 month .. we’ll see how it goes, and for sure, I’ll let you know my decision.

Some pics on how my hair looks now:

Letting it dried by itself!.

Manageable hair! Love it!

Important Tips that were important for me:

1. If you want to color your hair or put some chemical, try to do it before the INOAR straight blow out (Ask the hairstyle for better references).

2. If you want to cut your hair, do it only after the INOAR straight blow out.

3. It is important you get informed before doing it by yourself or for just getting it on the beauty salon.  An informed decision is much better always!

Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you try it and how it went for you.

Dating… again? yes or no?

12 Nov

I’ve been willing to share some discussions I had with some friends last weekend, but as I am not used to write corny posts, I was keeping myself away from my blog.  Now, I just decided to do it, this blog is intended for me to write and share all that comes to my mind, so why not?.

Last weekend, was kind of a girls weekend.  One of my friends from work was celebrating her B-day, so we decided with the other chiks to go out. Everything started in la “Oveja Negra”, then headed up, as usual, to Rapsodia  (nice bar in San Jose), but when we realized that there was a DJ  and not live music,  we decided to go to Mas Tekila (nice bar in Escazu), where we also found  grown up people instead of kids.   We were lucky, as we not only got a table, but also there was 80’s live music.  So all of us just got comfortable and started enjoying the young night. It might happen that all of us were ovulating at the same time, because it just came up from no-where that one of the chiks said “I believe this is enough, I want to be with someone. I believe this is the time..  friends with benefits, that just simply does not work for me anymore”.

As the woman I am, this statement brought up a series of thoughts in my head  and made me re-realized that “most of human beings” are looking to have a partner, a companion; someone you know you count on anytime. But then, why many of us are struggling on showing to, I don’t know who, that we are also independent and we don’t need a guy to live with us.  As Lorie Gottlieb mentioned on her book.. ” it seems that feminism has brought a whole erroneous idea about what is to be a independent woman”.   I am not saying that feminism is wrong, but some women may understood wrong the concept.  I believe that deep inside us, regardless if we are men or women, the human being is meant to share their lives with someone.

I also get and have clear that the divorce rate is high nowadays, but I am not talking about marriage, but commitment, just having this person that you enjoy and want to be with, and start a journey with. Wouldn’t it be nice?,  Why not trying it?. Should we start dating again?.  So after this and the other thoughts that invaded my head went away, I asked to myself what I want, I am ready to?.     Let me tell you something, it may be for my good or bad, but I believe it may not be easy to start a relationship for me, because there are a kind of a wall to climb to reach me (I am stealing this phrase from a friend of mine who post that in FB and when read it thought that suit me pretty good).  As she said, the experiences in prior relationships some women has had, has made them build these high walls. So, I believe I am kind of this group. Even though, I cannot denied I had good relationships that help me improve and trust again in people.

In addition to this, to boost my crazy thoughts, a very good friend told me “Deni, I don’t see you that you are settle up”. I was thinking on my mind, “Hey Dude, I’ve been living for 7 years in Costa Rica, and got a department,  if that is not settle up then what is?”…. Of couse, I got his point, It seems I am reaching something that even me doesn’t know what it is.. However, I believe I am settle up, It is just as most of us, I am still looking for this special person.

In conclusion, I believe I concurred with my friend’s view about this is the time. I am opened to meet people, and I believe I don’t have a huge list, just the main values.  Sooo, if you have some nice good looking friends, get four of those!!  Chiks here we go.  😉 It seems we will need to start dating again..

Marry Him – The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough….

23 Oct

It has been a while since my last post.  Well, I had some hectic weeks considering my mom was here and when I was not working in the computer, my mom was using it..For you information, my mom is an addict on Internet, Farmville, Bagamon.. and don’t know what else.  So didn’t have a chance to write, but to read.

I hope I can catch up with everything that happened during this period. First of all, I want to share my insights about this book which I finally finished, 3 weeks ago.  A book that a friend of mine lent me 2-3 months ago.  The book’s name is the same as the title of the post and was written by this journalist Lorie Gottlieb. The intention of this book is pretty much to take women back to reality about getting your better half, to be more opened, try second/third dates, as the sparkle is not always the sign in the first date, and also to have tolerance. Besides that, it tells us that we, women, are not perfect so we cannot demand a perfect guy, because there ISN’T.  Also, It makes you think what matters at the end when you want to share a life with someone. Is it going to be the ugly socks they use, or the weird laugh, or is it going to be their loyalty to you and their honesty and all those good behaviours which would matter?.  

Maybe right now you are thinking, ohh I don’t care about the socks or the laugh.. well, think deeply why you left some people. I definitively need to declare myself GUILTY.. I remember once, long time ago, I liked the brother of my friend’s boyfriend. I was totally on him, he was tall and handsome, and funny. So after asking my friend to introduce me to him, we become friends and he asked me out. He was super nice that on the first date  he brought me a rose.. seeee, soo cute, now I wish someone still do that (it was more than 10 years ago).  The thing was he had a very acwark laugh.. it was bothering me,and then on the second date, I remember clearly, i heard this noise about a crappy car that seems to fall everypart down, and told my mom, poor car, i hope i never be on something like that. Guess what?!! Dumas, that is his name, he was driving it!! and coming to pick up and take me to dinner on that car.. can laugh now. I believe I date him a couple of dates more and that was it.  I am not glad about it, i was totally  shallow,  not proud of it at all.  But see, it happens.. for some people. 

My friend who lent me the book, told me she was pretty much identified with the writer, and assure me I will be too.. However while I was reading it, i believe I kind of saw my old self, but not much who I believe I am now.  That means maybe I mature a little?. Hope so.

For better understanding of  this book, let me give you a summary of it. The writer is a 42 years old woman who decided to have a child by herself as the clock was ticking because hereher opportunity to conceive was on the limit.   She has a kid about 5 years old, and she is still looking for her prince charming, so she decided to go through this study and share all the intents she had to get a partner.  She went from enrolling on web sites like, to speed dates, to get a cupid and a personal guide to get the Mr. Right, to had interviews with psicologists, etc .   Also, she shared some results from some studies regarding some couples that succedded and the reasons why they did.  She brings up some interesting topics to discuss (which I hope to discuss with my friend with some glasses with wine. We do that..discuss books that we both read), such as how women are today. Through the years women has fought to be treated as men, and now women have the same rights as men. They are independent, and do not need to tolerate a men if they don’t like their behaviour or way to be or whatever.  The question Lori brings is , are we becoming too exigent that now there are more single women in an older age?.  Men are very simple when they decide who they will share their lives with..their list of requisites is just simple or none, while women could have a whole testament for all the requirements, which makes the likelihood to get someone to be few (always there exceptions for those men). 

There is a part that Lori acknowledge, in certain way, how feminism has fucked up her love life… even the hollywood movies give this wrong idea to women about prince charming and at the other hand, how good is being by yourself at your 50’s, YES!! She brings up Sex and the City!.   

I definitively cannot denied I enjoyed the book, it is interesting, and I have fun in many paragraphs when I felt I was behaving like the way she was describing.   Right now, it is not that I am with someone to speak with some “right”, if you want to call it in that way. For sure I feel more open to people and to express myself. Also, another item I tried as the writer, is Yeah!! I know what you may be thinking, I just believe you just need to try, all of us are looking to have someone to share their lifes with. There is not like there is 9 men per women, it is the other way, plus the percentage of gays are high, that means less men, and the percentage of jerks keeps the same, so that means less men. So why not trying a website.  So far, not much luck, just met a couple of guys, it was pretty good, now we are friends, it just didn’t happen.  I will keep you posted how things go with this, if you ever want to try it. 

Soo, I won’t tell much about the book, if you like a bit my insights, you can buy it and read it. It was kind of educative, it has really good stuff, and of course, this is pretty much for single women.

Namaste for now… hope you enjoy it and had a little fun.