Before 35

A week ago I realized that in few days i will turn 35.. In that instant, there were so many things coming up on my mind, things I postponed for later and that I wanted so much to do, but haven’t, so I decided that I better start prioritizing what is really important on my life, and if I do really want something, I should better start walking towards it.

I have exactly 94 days before turning 35.  Time is flying, and we live life once, so I decided to start making a list of things I would like to complete before 35, and maybe you want to join me in this 94 days journey.

Don’t take me wrong, I am so pleased on what I have achieved, and I love turning 35, I do enjoy everyday at maximum but sometimes I do procrastinate experiences, things, trips for non much productive hobbies.

Well, here it goes my list. If you have suggestions, shoot it; just remember I only have 94 days.

  1. Run 21 km. Not required to be a race, but the distance
  2.  Go back to at least another surf lesson. I started (one class), then i derailed. Going towards the second lesson, i got distracted with food and beers and good company at the beach
  3. Finish the 1st course of pole dance, and be able to do one sequence. (again, started for a month, and then didn’t have much time)
  4. Re-validate my PMI certification, this is a must. Need to enroll on the Negotiation Course.
  5. Stand on my head for about 25 breaths (Sirshasana)
  6. Visit a place I haven’t been before
  7. Spend time who people I do really care; but meet new people also
  8. Do bungee jumping
  9. Kiss a cute stranger, 🙂
  10. Give back

I believe I will be kind of busy, huh…let see how it goes, I’ll keep you posted.


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