About De

This blog was inteded to let my artistic side express freely and share my small experiences. I am Denisse, known as Nisi in my childhood, Denisse during my adolescence and as De, now  in Costa Rica.   I am peruvian but at 24 had the opportunity to move to the beautiful country of Costa Rica, and almost in a blink, I will be 7 years since my move.  Incredible how time run so fast. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. 

As you will find in the post archives, when I moved here, I had my first tried to start blogging, but for different reasons I didn’t did more than one post. Then on 2010 was my second change, and now going for my third intent.  I believe I let myself being dragged on my work that I forget to dedicate some tie to the things that really fills me and enjoy doing it. I’d improved a lot now..getting some balance.

So you already now one of my hobbies, some others are listenning music, watching movies, exercising, running and doing yoga.  These last two are lately acquired hobbies.  I started running in Costa Rica because I didn’t have the chance to go to the gym, so running was the best way to keep myself in shape, besides I was able to do it anytime, just needed some running shoes and ready; however, it was only when a friend of mine told me to join one 10k race last November 2010, and after that I was some sort of hooked on.  Now we run every Sunday together and we run by ourselves during weekday. About yoga, it was a neighbord that invite me to a free class, and after feeling the calm, the concentration and peace you receive during the whole practice, I just love it.  Unfortunately I am not elastic as many girls and guys, but I try it always hard.

I am not a writter, I just enjoy writting and expressing freely, and I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do writing in.


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