My saucony running shoes!!!!

23 Jan

I am very excited to tell you that in the last week I got new running shoes!!.  Actually I can say I have two new running shoes.

Before coming to Peru, I got this groupon offer, where they were selling a coupon on 100 soles (37USD)  and you were receiving 100 soles(37 USD) more, to spend it on saucony running shoes.  Just to let you know about groupon, in case you are not familiar with it, it is a web page where you can get daily offers of different products such as: Travel offers, spa offers, food offers etc. The discount you usually get is the 50% but sometimes a little less or more.  In Costa Rica, the name is yuplon.

In case, you are not receiving this daily feed, I recommend you to subscribe on their webpages.  My family lives in Peru and I live in Costa Rica, so I get both feeds.

Back to the tennis.  I started to do some research on internet, to check if those were acceptable shoes for running, and well, YES! Those are super recommended, which without more hesitation took me to getting the coupon, which I changed it just a couple weeks ago. The store name is Mulbry and it is located in Chacarilla Shopping Mall, 2nd floor, Lima-Peru.  Something important is that the models they have, were a little bit old; however the offer was pretty Okay.

I usually use my NIKE AIR running shoes that I love, but as those are a little old, I started getting a bruise in my inner arch every time I go for a long run, so I believe It was time for a change.   The saucony running shoes are very light shoes, that has a special cover allowing airflow which make you feel your feet airy.  Besides that, it has a very good cushion for your feet so every time you step in on the floor you’ll have some protection for your ankle and knee. These shoes are for normal feet. It is important you know the type of you feet, if you have flat arch or not, or the pronation of it.  The link below has a good explanation to understand this, it is for Newton running shoes; however the explanation applies for all and I find it very useful.

What else is important for women???.. Colors and how they look like!!!  So, I found the colors very nice and each time I look them up, I feel happy. So I believe those are cheerful colors!  I got a Grid Shadow pink grey shoes and a blue green Pro-grid Mirage. I had only used the first so far, and I haven’t gotten any bruise. My ankles and knee felt Okay.. In total I had only run around 14 km, but I hope that after 50 km I can let you know the experience.

Grid Shadow Genesys (View 1)

Grid Shadow Genesys (View 2)

Pro Grid Mirage

Hope you enjoyed this as I enjoyed writing it!!


2 Responses to “My saucony running shoes!!!!”

  1. Sartenada February 10, 2012 at 3:46 am #

    Yes, color is important also, hmm, to me. You presented so beautiful shoes which I have not seen. Every one of us loves different colors and the color of last photos is just to me!

    • deniosores February 10, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      Hi! I am glad you liked it!! I loved both colors. The blue one is very energetic.
      Something important is that those are very comfortable too. I already used both and no complaints, no bruises in my feet.

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