Escaping from the Straight Lashes..

22 Jan

Have you ever asked yourself: “What would I do to just wake up with my lashes curled?”, OR maybe, when you were going out of the pool: “what can i do to have water proof curly lashes?”.  Well, maybe some of you have asked yourself, maybe don’t. But ME, ohhh yes!!.  I believe eye lashes can change the aspect of the face or sometimes lift it up when you are not using make up, when you wake up and have your hair all crazy around, or when we want to give that fairy tale blinking look to your love one.  Then, you can imagine that I was very happy when I got the guts to try the perm eye lashes back in 2008, but became a fan only on 2010.

I discovered the semi-perm lashes back in 2003 when my mom’s friends started doing different things on the face such as: face deep cleansing, eye liner “tattoo”, semi-perm eye lashes and many other things.  I remember, she used to spend at least once a week on that esthetic salon and had always a very smooth and fresh skin I used to envy.  So the first step I took was getting an appointment on the esthetic which current name is Kosmo and it is located on Caminos del Inca Av. 1818, Lima-Peru.   After that, you can imagine how it ended. Each time I come to Peru to visit my family, I have a must-stop in Kosmo. Sometimes I try it in Costa Rica, but haven’t found a place to rely on applying the perm lashes. Probably will need to try some more, and get friend’s feedback on the experience.

Going back to the semi-perm, I did a very fast search, as you know the applications are almost over your eye, so I wanted to know pro and cons. There is no much in the web, some says it is not recommended, others says that it can be applied but we need to ensure the applier is certified on it., as there shouldn’t be contact of the product with the eyes. So after this, I run the risks and it was Okay, no side effects, and didn’t feel anything on my eyes different than normal. Still, I recommend you to inform yourself before doing it. Also, you can request always a sensitive test.

A brief summary of the process followed:  your lashes are treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller. While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for above five minutes. The result is that “wide-awake” look, which lasts for two to three months. As any other perm, it is recommended to not wash it after 24 hours. Also, if you would like to tint your eye lashes, then it is a good time to get it tinted.

If you have long eye lashes, the look will look much better. I have short eye lashes; however there is always a difference

Right After the perm

If you decide to try it, let me know how the experience was.


One Response to “Escaping from the Straight Lashes..”

  1. Sartenada March 23, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    Caminos del Inca – ¿bueno, sabes que mi hija se llama Inca y ella tiene su propia camino?

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