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My saucony running shoes!!!!

23 Jan

I am very excited to tell you that in the last week I got new running shoes!!.  Actually I can say I have two new running shoes.

Before coming to Peru, I got this groupon offer, where they were selling a coupon on 100 soles (37USD)  and you were receiving 100 soles(37 USD) more, to spend it on saucony running shoes.  Just to let you know about groupon, in case you are not familiar with it, it is a web page where you can get daily offers of different products such as: Travel offers, spa offers, food offers etc. The discount you usually get is the 50% but sometimes a little less or more.  In Costa Rica, the name is yuplon.

In case, you are not receiving this daily feed, I recommend you to subscribe on their webpages.  My family lives in Peru and I live in Costa Rica, so I get both feeds.

Back to the tennis.  I started to do some research on internet, to check if those were acceptable shoes for running, and well, YES! Those are super recommended, which without more hesitation took me to getting the coupon, which I changed it just a couple weeks ago. The store name is Mulbry and it is located in Chacarilla Shopping Mall, 2nd floor, Lima-Peru.  Something important is that the models they have, were a little bit old; however the offer was pretty Okay.

I usually use my NIKE AIR running shoes that I love, but as those are a little old, I started getting a bruise in my inner arch every time I go for a long run, so I believe It was time for a change.   The saucony running shoes are very light shoes, that has a special cover allowing airflow which make you feel your feet airy.  Besides that, it has a very good cushion for your feet so every time you step in on the floor you’ll have some protection for your ankle and knee. These shoes are for normal feet. It is important you know the type of you feet, if you have flat arch or not, or the pronation of it.  The link below has a good explanation to understand this, it is for Newton running shoes; however the explanation applies for all and I find it very useful.

What else is important for women???.. Colors and how they look like!!!  So, I found the colors very nice and each time I look them up, I feel happy. So I believe those are cheerful colors!  I got a Grid Shadow pink grey shoes and a blue green Pro-grid Mirage. I had only used the first so far, and I haven’t gotten any bruise. My ankles and knee felt Okay.. In total I had only run around 14 km, but I hope that after 50 km I can let you know the experience.

Grid Shadow Genesys (View 1)

Grid Shadow Genesys (View 2)

Pro Grid Mirage

Hope you enjoyed this as I enjoyed writing it!!


Escaping from the Straight Lashes..

22 Jan

Have you ever asked yourself: “What would I do to just wake up with my lashes curled?”, OR maybe, when you were going out of the pool: “what can i do to have water proof curly lashes?”.  Well, maybe some of you have asked yourself, maybe don’t. But ME, ohhh yes!!.  I believe eye lashes can change the aspect of the face or sometimes lift it up when you are not using make up, when you wake up and have your hair all crazy around, or when we want to give that fairy tale blinking look to your love one.  Then, you can imagine that I was very happy when I got the guts to try the perm eye lashes back in 2008, but became a fan only on 2010.

I discovered the semi-perm lashes back in 2003 when my mom’s friends started doing different things on the face such as: face deep cleansing, eye liner “tattoo”, semi-perm eye lashes and many other things.  I remember, she used to spend at least once a week on that esthetic salon and had always a very smooth and fresh skin I used to envy.  So the first step I took was getting an appointment on the esthetic which current name is Kosmo and it is located on Caminos del Inca Av. 1818, Lima-Peru.   After that, you can imagine how it ended. Each time I come to Peru to visit my family, I have a must-stop in Kosmo. Sometimes I try it in Costa Rica, but haven’t found a place to rely on applying the perm lashes. Probably will need to try some more, and get friend’s feedback on the experience.

Going back to the semi-perm, I did a very fast search, as you know the applications are almost over your eye, so I wanted to know pro and cons. There is no much in the web, some says it is not recommended, others says that it can be applied but we need to ensure the applier is certified on it., as there shouldn’t be contact of the product with the eyes. So after this, I run the risks and it was Okay, no side effects, and didn’t feel anything on my eyes different than normal. Still, I recommend you to inform yourself before doing it. Also, you can request always a sensitive test.

A brief summary of the process followed:  your lashes are treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller. While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for above five minutes. The result is that “wide-awake” look, which lasts for two to three months. As any other perm, it is recommended to not wash it after 24 hours. Also, if you would like to tint your eye lashes, then it is a good time to get it tinted.

If you have long eye lashes, the look will look much better. I have short eye lashes; however there is always a difference

Right After the perm

If you decide to try it, let me know how the experience was.

Straight Blowout.. Good or Bad?

17 Jan

Before start telling you my experience with this Straight Blowout, I have to say: Wish you had a great and unforgettable New Year celebrations, surrounded with the people you love.  I wish to you, all the blessings, luck, positive vibes and energy for this 2012. I am sure it will be a great year for all of us. Let’s start living the present the best way!

Well.. I have to tell you how it went with the Straight Blowout that I got the last week of 2011.

In order for you to have an idea on how my hair was, I am adding one pic on how the frizz used to look like. It was pretty much the stamp of my hair. Despite of having a very thin hair, its frizz used to make it seemed that I had abundant hair. It also looked like a frustrated effort to be a little bit curly. :S

I was allowed to go out with this hair, cannot believe it!

Ohhh, I wish I had that very same weight I had in the pic, it was taken back in 2004.  Going back to the hair (sometimes I get distracted easily), my hair has been always very independent and rebel, never obeying when to look combed.   Regardless if it was an old pic or not, my hair used to look as it is in the pic.

Hope, you can understand that I am sooo glad of all the things that came up, facilitating me to look like I combed my hair.

A little bit of history for you.. this is the second time I had tried the straight blowout. Both times I had tried with different products, and I can tell that I do really prefer this second one.  Before getting it, I navigated on Internet in order to be informed and be sure of the decision about using the product INOAR.   INOAR  is used in many countries including UK and USA.  Also, this product was used for a couple of very good friends, and the results were very convincing.

Also, I believe this is something that can be applied by yourself; however, I had a hair style to do it for me. The key thing is to know the amount of the product that will be put in the hair to make it straight…..steps she did:

1. Wash  my hair thoroughly with a special INOAR shampoo (not the daily shampoo).

2. Apply the special INOAR liquid to the hair and let it for 15-20 mins. Then dry it and blow/iron it out.

3. Leave it for about 30-45 mins.

4. Wash the hair, and if required, dry it and blow it/iron it. ( Because I have few and thin hair, we only dried it. Other ones required all).

5. Leave your hair by itself for an hour, and only after it, you can use an elastic, clip or barrette; not before the hour. This is important!

The whole process took around 1.5 – 2 hours. After that I had a manageable hair and I was and am super happy.


It is also recommended to use the special Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in after having this process. I was totally in with this decision, so you can guess I got them!!!.  I am thinking that the next time, i might try it myself.

I was told that it only is applied on the roots for maintenance, after the 3-4 month .. we’ll see how it goes, and for sure, I’ll let you know my decision.

Some pics on how my hair looks now:

Letting it dried by itself!.

Manageable hair! Love it!

Important Tips that were important for me:

1. If you want to color your hair or put some chemical, try to do it before the INOAR straight blow out (Ask the hairstyle for better references).

2. If you want to cut your hair, do it only after the INOAR straight blow out.

3. It is important you get informed before doing it by yourself or for just getting it on the beauty salon.  An informed decision is much better always!

Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you try it and how it went for you.