Counting down the minutes for New Year’s Eve – Must Do List

30 Dec

Well, it seemed it was just yesterday my mom was here in Costa Rica to spend the Holidays together. Now this New Year has almost run out, few accomplishments might not been achieved as desired such as running a half-marathon, and some others are on road, almost ready for the last sprint to reach its end, such as my Portuguese Lessons.  Overall,  I can say it’s been a great year, and my soul feels peaceful,  joyful and grateful for everything.

Right now, we are counting down the minutes for New Year’s Eve and there is a Must-Do list I will need to accomplish at some point this year or by next weekend (the latest), because I will be flying to Peru on January 12th to spend some family time and attending one of my best friend’s weeding and bachelorette party, and those items needs to be arranged .   You see, this is the main reason I was not able to write anything lately, it’s been a little hectic. Besides all the questioning about prioritizing the hobbies, so it’s been quite busy days.

Let me tell you a bit on my Must-Do list.. you might laugh or find this funny, but Hey!! I am a girl too.. 🙂

Must Do (1) – exercising : I decided that among all hobbies, exercising is first!!! Running, Yogin or lifting weight is Okay, I just need to sort it out somehow when do those. I can report I went for I run and finished 5K run with 7.10 mins per KM. Not good as I wished but anyway, I am willing to pay the price for not doing exercises for a bit. Also, towards trying to lose some weight I did some Yoga, which I love it. I found this great youtube video that takes only 40 mins and that really makes you feel like a  true work out. But, the next day after the first attempt, I felt like a truck went over me because all my muscles were soared; however, I feel great and happy.  Today I did it again, so let’s see if I will be the same by tomorrow.  I am adding the link on the youtube video in case you want to try it. It is a 4 videos, within 8-10 mins each ( I am attaching the first two, you can easily get the other 2).

Must Do (2) – Get the party/wedding dresses and accessories. I don’t want to be in Peru and start looking for the dresses, so I need to have it all done. Fortunately, I got the dresses, but missing to accessorize it.. so I will do my best today to close this item.

Must Do (3) – Get the painter to finish the painting in the kitchen.. you see, he started 2 months ago, and only a little piece was missing, but after having the house clean again, i didn’t want it to get it dirty, and now, because of procrastination, I will need to do some cleaning by myself as the maid will not come this week. Lesson Learned-Stop procrastinating!!! Silly me.

Must Do (4) – Get the queratine in my hair and manicure/pedicure .. I told you I am a girl too!! And I just want to look gorgeous, all of us want to.. So I think I need to clean my house like in the next couple of hours in order to not spoil the manicure.. 🙂 Crap!.. having thought about it, just now.  I’ve read and see videos about queratine blow out, I actually had one a year ago, but was not totally sold. Right now, going for the second try, with this product two friends tried and it seemed it worked pretty cool. The product is INOAR, kind of expensive, but it has all the rights in USA also.. and you don’t need to have your hair 3 days without washing it. That was the selling point to try it. Let’s see how it goes… 🙂

Must Do (5) – Go to my friends house (Cin). She just bought a new house so I am going to go for the first time; i’ll need to get a gift or sth. Also I need to give her her scarf, she bought one..  Selling selling, money money..  love it!!

Must Do (6) – Finish my vision board. I KNOW!!! I love the secret too.. and I do believe on Vision Boards and the movement of the energy.  So I was reading Oprah website (i am guilty!, love Oprah –  I love that she focus on the positive things rather the negative ones), so I found this tool which is super cool to create the vision boards, totally recommended…. sharing the link below for you.  This is a demonstration, this month is all love and sharing..

Must Do (7) – Finish reading my Book and knitting two scarves and beading two bracelets … I started reading a new book yesterday, from my favorite writer. I am half way, so for sure I will finish it within today and tomorrow. Also I have these two yarns I started and need to finish them, I just don’t bare to see those uncompleted scarves. And the bracelets!!.. well, a friend asked me for a couple of those, so I need to take those next week at some point because going to Peru.

Must Do (8) – Blogging.. In process.. I just enjoy writing, so it is a nice satisfaction to do it; besides while I write I enjoy this beautiful sigh seeing..This picture below is my view from my balcony where I am sitting, taking today at 11:30 AM. What else can I ask for with breathtaking daily view. I am very fortunate..

I am sure I have more Must Dos.. but right now, so far those are the ones I need to handle. So it’s time I start with some of those. I will share with you the outputs of some of those separately if possible, so you have the details. Enjoy your day and all the blessing.

Talk to you tomorrow!!



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