Hobbies – Good or Bad or Prioritizing

27 Dec

As you may notice,  I haven’t been blogging for about a month. The main reasons that have been keeping me apart of this are to re-encounter with family hobbies such as knitting and beading, and the constant hobbie of reading.  So, when thinking about all the things I love to do, and listing them all, I realized that I have a broad list which make me think: “are hobbies good?, bad?, should we prioritize them?”.  Should I need to plan what hobbies and when to do them in order to not neglect them.    I do really enjoy each of those, those gives me different satisfactions, so how to decide.

So for you to know a little bit about all that broad of hobbies, let me tell you a little bit of each one:

– Number exercising regarding if it is running or doing yoga or gym; of course I rather prefer a combination of all of those, or do one each day.  Anyway, I already agreed with my friend, A, to start running again, and retaking our goal of doing half-marathon, so it seems I will need to have discipline to accomplish it. Otherwise this will be just a wish like it was this year. Buuuuu.

-Then we have reading, I have a pile of 5 books waiting for me. I see them and I hear little voices telling READ ME READ ME.. don’t be lazy!!!

-Knitting ..I had a 2 months project that was unfinished. I was really neglecting it, until I started again with it and did good progress. After posting to FB my progress, a good friend of mine with whom I share many similar hobbies, mentioned me about some pending projects on knitting. She finished those ones and then showed me how to do them.  People really love those scarf and what started as a trying project to see how those ended up, finished up on selling the scarves.  My friend sold lots of it, and let me tell you I also sell few ones which will allow me to continue buying new materials for new projects and creations. The lilac one was the initial creation I was working, in my family, everybody knows how to knit, and many of them are dedicated on knitting.. My lovely grandma knit all day as a hobbie, she loves to keep herself busy.


– Beading…This is a new. I wanted to create some Xmas gifts for my family in Peru, so I asked my friend to show me how to do a couple of things I saw on internet.  After starting creating those,  It became like you want to continue creating new things and more and more. There is no limit for creating, only the money to buy all the materials. Therefore, I sold 3 of my creations in order to recover part of the investment and buy more material.  At the end, i am going to Peru on January 12th, so I still have time to create the gifts.   It feels so cool, when you do something and then someone else wants to use it.

– Lastly but not least, I love to go out with friends for dinner, for partying or a good talk.  I had had many party weekends which has keeping me away on my weekend long run for some months. So maybe I just need to be balance.

At this point, I am not sure how I am going to manage it, for sure I need to go back to exercising considering all the extra food I indulge myself lately because of the holidays.  So next steps are: 1.  Go back to exercise yes or yes, and do the half-marathon plan. 2. Clean the fridge and keep healthy food.. so no more gratifiable holidays meals. (I will need to do some efforts in Peru in order to keep myself on no eating much).  3. Accommodate additional projects on the free time, taking into account I have to work and my Portuguese classes will start soon.  So I will keep you posted on how things are going and how each day is evolving.

Reports on today: Did 5k run, 10 mins yoga and then work, and I think ate more than the calories I spent. So dinner will be something light.

Let me know what do you recommend, what should I paying more attention to… suggestions?


2 Responses to “Hobbies – Good or Bad or Prioritizing”

  1. sartenada December 28, 2011 at 12:21 am #

    Abalorio, lo que Usted presente en tu foto, es maravilloso. Bonitos colores y forma magnificó. Me gusta mucho realmente.

    Aquí hay un ejemplo lo que mi esposa ha hecho.

    How to make a beaded bracelet?

    Saludos desde Finlandia.

    • deniosores December 28, 2011 at 10:59 am #

      Hi!! Estoy muy contenta que te haya gustado el bracelet. I love all women accesories and most of the time I find myself buying a new item for me. So when my friend tought me to do those I was fascinating. El link que me mandaste esta genial, muchisimas gracias!!. Voy a seguir los pasos y ver si creo algo nuevo.

      Greetings from Costa Rica and Happy Holidays.

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