To the moon and back review

26 Dec

As you already may know, one of my latest favorites writers is Jill Mansell, an UK writer. Jill Mansell books are not common in Costa Rica Libraries, so when I went to Kansas for a weekend, I took immediate advantage to stop by on my favorite library, Barnes and Nobles and look for all available books that I haven’t read yet.

I also needed to get some books from Jody Picoult for my sister, she love her, so it was two great excuses to stop by. The two new books I got are: Take a chance on me and To the moon and back. Haven’t read the first one yet, but as soon as I finish it, i will let you know my impressions.

First of all, as typical book from Jill Mansell, those are very clever stories that have unexpected and funny twists.  So far most of the books I’ve read were much of  happy stories on 95% of the reading; however this book have a sad beginning….. not expected huh.   But..for love  and happy ending lovers , don’t be afraid, that this book is funny, lovely and with a happy ending.

Ellie, our main character of the book, will show us the pain, the deny, the craziness, the acceptance and also, that life always bring great rewards that will kind of make up the hardest pain or loneliness we went through when we lose someone.  I am not saying that you have to have painful experiences to have joy and happiness, but I mean, if something happens that will cause you pain, there is a reason which is unknown for us that it is happening, and that also pain will go away and bright days will come soon, bringing you new and great experiences to life, that we will value and be more grateful for because of the pain we experienced.

I believe, I can identified sort of with the character, but still awaiting for my better half.. 🙂

On the other side, we have the cute guy and funny one that is terribly in love on Ellie that because of the different reasons, he haven’t said it out loud, but when the opportunity comes he is still feeling the same and going for it.  This is the character, we all women are expecting to encounter and that many will wait very very veeeeeery long.   Anyway, reading it is like experiencing it which brings temporary satisfaction. Would it be the reason I love Jill Mansell books that much?..

Besides that, You’ll have all type of comical characters in the book that will entertain you and for sure give you some laughters.

Overall, from 1-5 on the lovely stories range, I give 4 to this book.. Still Rumor has it is my number 5.

I do really recommend this light and easy to read story. Let know if you read it and if you like it.


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