Dating… again? yes or no?

12 Nov

I’ve been willing to share some discussions I had with some friends last weekend, but as I am not used to write corny posts, I was keeping myself away from my blog.  Now, I just decided to do it, this blog is intended for me to write and share all that comes to my mind, so why not?.

Last weekend, was kind of a girls weekend.  One of my friends from work was celebrating her B-day, so we decided with the other chiks to go out. Everything started in la “Oveja Negra”, then headed up, as usual, to Rapsodia  (nice bar in San Jose), but when we realized that there was a DJ  and not live music,  we decided to go to Mas Tekila (nice bar in Escazu), where we also found  grown up people instead of kids.   We were lucky, as we not only got a table, but also there was 80’s live music.  So all of us just got comfortable and started enjoying the young night. It might happen that all of us were ovulating at the same time, because it just came up from no-where that one of the chiks said “I believe this is enough, I want to be with someone. I believe this is the time..  friends with benefits, that just simply does not work for me anymore”.

As the woman I am, this statement brought up a series of thoughts in my head  and made me re-realized that “most of human beings” are looking to have a partner, a companion; someone you know you count on anytime. But then, why many of us are struggling on showing to, I don’t know who, that we are also independent and we don’t need a guy to live with us.  As Lorie Gottlieb mentioned on her book.. ” it seems that feminism has brought a whole erroneous idea about what is to be a independent woman”.   I am not saying that feminism is wrong, but some women may understood wrong the concept.  I believe that deep inside us, regardless if we are men or women, the human being is meant to share their lives with someone.

I also get and have clear that the divorce rate is high nowadays, but I am not talking about marriage, but commitment, just having this person that you enjoy and want to be with, and start a journey with. Wouldn’t it be nice?,  Why not trying it?. Should we start dating again?.  So after this and the other thoughts that invaded my head went away, I asked to myself what I want, I am ready to?.     Let me tell you something, it may be for my good or bad, but I believe it may not be easy to start a relationship for me, because there are a kind of a wall to climb to reach me (I am stealing this phrase from a friend of mine who post that in FB and when read it thought that suit me pretty good).  As she said, the experiences in prior relationships some women has had, has made them build these high walls. So, I believe I am kind of this group. Even though, I cannot denied I had good relationships that help me improve and trust again in people.

In addition to this, to boost my crazy thoughts, a very good friend told me “Deni, I don’t see you that you are settle up”. I was thinking on my mind, “Hey Dude, I’ve been living for 7 years in Costa Rica, and got a department,  if that is not settle up then what is?”…. Of couse, I got his point, It seems I am reaching something that even me doesn’t know what it is.. However, I believe I am settle up, It is just as most of us, I am still looking for this special person.

In conclusion, I believe I concurred with my friend’s view about this is the time. I am opened to meet people, and I believe I don’t have a huge list, just the main values.  Sooo, if you have some nice good looking friends, get four of those!!  Chiks here we go.  😉 It seems we will need to start dating again..


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