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Outliers, The Story of Success.. the recipe?? Recomended!!

24 Oct

Who has asked themselves about why there are extremely successful people?. How they got that?. Have your parents told you that you need to work hard so you can be very sucessful professional speaking, monetary speaking?.

This book has nothing to do with “The Secret”, this book gave us a whole analysis on the common items and what are the factors that might determine those extemely successful people?. It does not say those are talented people, but it is just that talent is not all.. example of such people are..Bill Gates success, Beatles, Steve Jobs as an examples.   They were talented but as you read the book there are other factors too.

One of the very first examples Maxwell gave and that will make you start questioning about all the stories, is this coincidence, if we want to call it in that way, that almost 50%-70% of the hockey players borned in the 1Q.  The question is why?.. well, there are some requirements for those kids regarding age, school year, etc.. that in certain way, has given the opportunity to the ones borned in the 1Q.   So one of the items that will be discussed through the book will be the oportunities that the year born have given to many kids.

Another example, that Maxwell shared with us is that all the succesful people spent about 10000 hours practicing before getting to the top. Yes!.. Bill gates started programming since he was a kid, the beatles started practicing in Hamburg and giving concerts for soo many hours before being known as they are now. And the pattern repeats accross those people. So now we have our second factor.

Then, maybe it won’t sound good for all, but Maxwell mentioned some Ethnic factors that has some weight. Part of us is a product of out ethnics, history, cultural surrounding and country we borned.  Of course, we go thorugh a constant change process. Everything we live in, we experienced, all has an impact on who we are today.

Finally, “their are just product of history and community, of opportunity and legacy. Their  success is not exceptional or mysterious. It is grounded in a web of advantages and inheritances, some deserved sme not, some earned, some just plained lucky-but all critical to making them who they are. The outlier, in the end, is not an outlier at all. ” Maxwell Gladwell.

After reading the book, I just did an introspection on who we are and the things that happen in my life, and I feel I am kind of a product of those experiences but also it has to be how we took life and react to things. 

While the years pass,  and based on our spiritual grow, we react differently to things, so those things can hurt us or can help us grow.  I will leave to do your own introspection. It is a highly recommended book!!





Marry Him – The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough….

23 Oct

It has been a while since my last post.  Well, I had some hectic weeks considering my mom was here and when I was not working in the computer, my mom was using it..For you information, my mom is an addict on Internet, Farmville, Bagamon.. and don’t know what else.  So didn’t have a chance to write, but to read.

I hope I can catch up with everything that happened during this period. First of all, I want to share my insights about this book which I finally finished, 3 weeks ago.  A book that a friend of mine lent me 2-3 months ago.  The book’s name is the same as the title of the post and was written by this journalist Lorie Gottlieb. The intention of this book is pretty much to take women back to reality about getting your better half, to be more opened, try second/third dates, as the sparkle is not always the sign in the first date, and also to have tolerance. Besides that, it tells us that we, women, are not perfect so we cannot demand a perfect guy, because there ISN’T.  Also, It makes you think what matters at the end when you want to share a life with someone. Is it going to be the ugly socks they use, or the weird laugh, or is it going to be their loyalty to you and their honesty and all those good behaviours which would matter?.  

Maybe right now you are thinking, ohh I don’t care about the socks or the laugh.. well, think deeply why you left some people. I definitively need to declare myself GUILTY.. I remember once, long time ago, I liked the brother of my friend’s boyfriend. I was totally on him, he was tall and handsome, and funny. So after asking my friend to introduce me to him, we become friends and he asked me out. He was super nice that on the first date  he brought me a rose.. seeee, soo cute, now I wish someone still do that (it was more than 10 years ago).  The thing was he had a very acwark laugh.. it was bothering me,and then on the second date, I remember clearly, i heard this noise about a crappy car that seems to fall everypart down, and told my mom, poor car, i hope i never be on something like that. Guess what?!! Dumas, that is his name, he was driving it!! and coming to pick up and take me to dinner on that car.. can laugh now. I believe I date him a couple of dates more and that was it.  I am not glad about it, i was totally  shallow,  not proud of it at all.  But see, it happens.. for some people. 

My friend who lent me the book, told me she was pretty much identified with the writer, and assure me I will be too.. However while I was reading it, i believe I kind of saw my old self, but not much who I believe I am now.  That means maybe I mature a little?. Hope so.

For better understanding of  this book, let me give you a summary of it. The writer is a 42 years old woman who decided to have a child by herself as the clock was ticking because hereher opportunity to conceive was on the limit.   She has a kid about 5 years old, and she is still looking for her prince charming, so she decided to go through this study and share all the intents she had to get a partner.  She went from enrolling on web sites like, to speed dates, to get a cupid and a personal guide to get the Mr. Right, to had interviews with psicologists, etc .   Also, she shared some results from some studies regarding some couples that succedded and the reasons why they did.  She brings up some interesting topics to discuss (which I hope to discuss with my friend with some glasses with wine. We do that..discuss books that we both read), such as how women are today. Through the years women has fought to be treated as men, and now women have the same rights as men. They are independent, and do not need to tolerate a men if they don’t like their behaviour or way to be or whatever.  The question Lori brings is , are we becoming too exigent that now there are more single women in an older age?.  Men are very simple when they decide who they will share their lives with..their list of requisites is just simple or none, while women could have a whole testament for all the requirements, which makes the likelihood to get someone to be few (always there exceptions for those men). 

There is a part that Lori acknowledge, in certain way, how feminism has fucked up her love life… even the hollywood movies give this wrong idea to women about prince charming and at the other hand, how good is being by yourself at your 50’s, YES!! She brings up Sex and the City!.   

I definitively cannot denied I enjoyed the book, it is interesting, and I have fun in many paragraphs when I felt I was behaving like the way she was describing.   Right now, it is not that I am with someone to speak with some “right”, if you want to call it in that way. For sure I feel more open to people and to express myself. Also, another item I tried as the writer, is Yeah!! I know what you may be thinking, I just believe you just need to try, all of us are looking to have someone to share their lifes with. There is not like there is 9 men per women, it is the other way, plus the percentage of gays are high, that means less men, and the percentage of jerks keeps the same, so that means less men. So why not trying a website.  So far, not much luck, just met a couple of guys, it was pretty good, now we are friends, it just didn’t happen.  I will keep you posted how things go with this, if you ever want to try it. 

Soo, I won’t tell much about the book, if you like a bit my insights, you can buy it and read it. It was kind of educative, it has really good stuff, and of course, this is pretty much for single women.

Namaste for now… hope you enjoy it and had a little fun.