Updates updates updatesssss

26 Sep

So many new things that happened lately that haven’t had the chance to write about all these things.. the most important one is that the last 2 weekends I had great days, as I have many friends coming to my place and spending some time talking, eating, drinking and just having a good time. I forgot the feeling of having some friends come over have lunchs and dinners.

Another item, super important is that I got finally an stove, yeii!!  I did all my research on cost and functionality and what I wanted.. at the end it was the basic on what I wanted, which is a steel appliance and one “cheap” within its category.  So i got one from golfito, they delivered it in one day, so it was great!, i am very happy because my cooking days may come back!!   I am a liar, I don’t cook and I don’t like to cook, but from time to time, i may be feeling like cooking, so I am sure the stove will make it easier the experience. Besides, with a stove, my kitchen looks like a kitchen… everything is taking shape.

Well, there is an important factor or reason that I got this kitchen and the thing is that my mom arrived last Wednesday.. so you know what it means.. mom’s food, so I need to make her month easier here!!! and provide her the tools for cooking all the possible peruvian dishes within her month that she will stay here.  I know I am a spoiled daugther, i promise I will cook a dessert for her..

So this is bringing us to the other update that occur last weekend, mom arrived on Wednesday, I got around 20 mins late after her arrival, she was already outside the airport calling Hermes, asking him why I didn’t arrive to the airport.. she was already thinking the most dreadful things that might avoid me to get there on time.   Gosh!!.. I was working and needed to complete reviewing one document before leaving!!.. so when i finished and drove like crazy to the airport and when I got there, I saw her with another peruvian girl and an older guy. My mom was using the guy’s cell phone trying to call me. Once I got there, she was asking me what happened, and before letting me answered her, she said: ” I thought you were going to leave me here!!.. I had to call Hermes to reach you out!” and then, “let me introduce you to Karen, she is from Peru, she is a lawyer and will stay to this hotel bla bla bla, could you take her too?, and also, how much should I need to give the guy for lending me the cell phone”… OMG.. too many questions!! I was not able to react at all.. I wanted to feel the happiness on seeing my mom, but she started to shoot like a machine gun..and my brain sometimes is like a men, so one thought at a time.  You can imagine my surprise face, a big admiration sign!!

Well, I am really happy, she is here, the last time she came it was in January, so it is great she is back now.   Also she is really spoiling me .. it seems I am back to 5 years old.   Now the questions she is doing to me, is “what do you want for breakfast?, what do you want for lunch/dinner?, do you have a special friend?, I am going to be happy when you have someone.. do you have know a friend with benefits or something?!”, hahahaha. I cannot believe my mom do those many questions!!!…. What answer I gave to the last two questions, well .. i’ll tell you later. 😉  I am attaching a picture of her resting…

I believe I was able to catch up a little bit, there are more to come.. hope to have time to write soon.. My mom is internet addict and FB addict, so she is using the computer during my free time!


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