Wine nights..chiks nights..

16 Sep

Before telling you about this couple of nights, I just need to report that I’ve been going for a run every day since last Monday till Wednesday. I am very glad I am getting back to running after everything that happened. My muscles are getting better now and my mood is also getting better.  I just want to live one day at a time, and enjoy it fully, so doing my best.

What happened last Thursday that I didn’t go for a run as planned…well wine nights chiks nights and the big discovering on wine at a great price (thanks to Andre..great tip)….this means lots of wine for enjoying a nice conversations with chiks.. I believe after discovering this place, I made turn out being an alcoholic – OMG.  And as a first step, a 2lt bottle got dry in a blink.. it was only Mel and me drinking it, :S

Well, going back about Wednesday, I just had a great time with some friends from work.. had some antipasto and wine talking girly topics, what do we usually talk on a chik night???.. very easy and simple.. we talk about boobs, penis, sex, relation types, implants, books..jajajaja.. also we do plans that never happens.  This night we didn’t cover all the topics just a couple of those which were pretty much: planning birthdays and thinking to get some acquantance that could be a whatever for the girl on the right side.. maybe schedule some sort of blind date…

About  planning birthdays, well as you know we are on September/October, which are two of the months with more birthdays .. why?..because people go to parties on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, drink a lot and don’t use condoms because they are too drunk!!.. or maybe they are too relax, so the probability to get pregnant is higher, besides they don’t use condoms!.. I am one of those that need to be grateful with mommy for not using those or being so relax; otherwise I wouldn’t have had the pleasure to be on this sweet place called earth.. and experience this amazing gift called life.  So this year, from the 4 chiks that were together, 3 of those will be celebrating one more year within this and next month!..  It is important to mention that mommy is coming to Costa Rica, and she is also a Lybran!  We had some plans for celebrating the coming b-days, let’s see is those plans happens (barbecue, beach, party, drinks)..I’ll keep you posted.

Regarding tis sort of blind date, it is really difficult.. I don’t know much guys in Costa Rica, so it is going to be a challenge.. I was thinking that I may put an ad on craiglist to see if something come up..hahahaha. Ohh my friend will kill me if she reads this. The other option is to convince her to go to Peru where for sure, i’ll get someone… Just kidding.  We don’t know what would happen.. but we just talk nonsense..

On the next day, I woke up with a headache I didn’t have it for some time, it was awful… i drunk a lot of water and continue sleeping until that feeling dissapear.. it was late when I got up, that I just had a chance to eat a little, and then went to buy some stuff to Aliss..In the evening, some friends came over and again almost the same story repetead…with the difference that my body was not taken any bit of wine, so Ana had the honor to drink it for both… she almost finish this 2L bottle..

In general, I believe there is nothing like friends.. they make your life easier, enjoying and see it in different perspectives.. hope we have more nights like this…  Love you!.

PD. One advice.. when you drink, take all electronic devices very far from you, otherwise it is dangerous….. guess!


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