Moving to wordpress…

11 Sep

After long time I stopped writting, here I am importing my blog to this new blogging tool that have cool stuff. All recommended by my friend Adriana who just happens to started blogging a couple weeks ago. Yeii!!

It took me almost half day, can u imagine?!! Well, most of the time was in deciding what theme was going to use, what could be the widgets I should adding, colors, etc. Yes.. you are right, I was super indecisive, was chaging the mind every 5 mins. Finally, it is done, and I can start writing again….Right now I only need some inspiration…so Inspiration COME TO MEEEEEEEEEE.. 🙂

It is 2am here, so I am going to bed, maybe read a little and tomorrow I hope the inspiration come back.. Boa Noite!



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