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Updates updates updatesssss

26 Sep

So many new things that happened lately that haven’t had the chance to write about all these things.. the most important one is that the last 2 weekends I had great days, as I have many friends coming to my place and spending some time talking, eating, drinking and just having a good time. I forgot the feeling of having some friends come over have lunchs and dinners.

Another item, super important is that I got finally an stove, yeii!!  I did all my research on cost and functionality and what I wanted.. at the end it was the basic on what I wanted, which is a steel appliance and one “cheap” within its category.  So i got one from golfito, they delivered it in one day, so it was great!, i am very happy because my cooking days may come back!!   I am a liar, I don’t cook and I don’t like to cook, but from time to time, i may be feeling like cooking, so I am sure the stove will make it easier the experience. Besides, with a stove, my kitchen looks like a kitchen… everything is taking shape.

Well, there is an important factor or reason that I got this kitchen and the thing is that my mom arrived last Wednesday.. so you know what it means.. mom’s food, so I need to make her month easier here!!! and provide her the tools for cooking all the possible peruvian dishes within her month that she will stay here.  I know I am a spoiled daugther, i promise I will cook a dessert for her..

So this is bringing us to the other update that occur last weekend, mom arrived on Wednesday, I got around 20 mins late after her arrival, she was already outside the airport calling Hermes, asking him why I didn’t arrive to the airport.. she was already thinking the most dreadful things that might avoid me to get there on time.   Gosh!!.. I was working and needed to complete reviewing one document before leaving!!.. so when i finished and drove like crazy to the airport and when I got there, I saw her with another peruvian girl and an older guy. My mom was using the guy’s cell phone trying to call me. Once I got there, she was asking me what happened, and before letting me answered her, she said: ” I thought you were going to leave me here!!.. I had to call Hermes to reach you out!” and then, “let me introduce you to Karen, she is from Peru, she is a lawyer and will stay to this hotel bla bla bla, could you take her too?, and also, how much should I need to give the guy for lending me the cell phone”… OMG.. too many questions!! I was not able to react at all.. I wanted to feel the happiness on seeing my mom, but she started to shoot like a machine gun..and my brain sometimes is like a men, so one thought at a time.  You can imagine my surprise face, a big admiration sign!!

Well, I am really happy, she is here, the last time she came it was in January, so it is great she is back now.   Also she is really spoiling me .. it seems I am back to 5 years old.   Now the questions she is doing to me, is “what do you want for breakfast?, what do you want for lunch/dinner?, do you have a special friend?, I am going to be happy when you have someone.. do you have know a friend with benefits or something?!”, hahahaha. I cannot believe my mom do those many questions!!!…. What answer I gave to the last two questions, well .. i’ll tell you later. 😉  I am attaching a picture of her resting…

I believe I was able to catch up a little bit, there are more to come.. hope to have time to write soon.. My mom is internet addict and FB addict, so she is using the computer during my free time!


Wine nights..chiks nights..

16 Sep

Before telling you about this couple of nights, I just need to report that I’ve been going for a run every day since last Monday till Wednesday. I am very glad I am getting back to running after everything that happened. My muscles are getting better now and my mood is also getting better.  I just want to live one day at a time, and enjoy it fully, so doing my best.

What happened last Thursday that I didn’t go for a run as planned…well wine nights chiks nights and the big discovering on wine at a great price (thanks to Andre..great tip)….this means lots of wine for enjoying a nice conversations with chiks.. I believe after discovering this place, I made turn out being an alcoholic – OMG.  And as a first step, a 2lt bottle got dry in a blink.. it was only Mel and me drinking it, :S

Well, going back about Wednesday, I just had a great time with some friends from work.. had some antipasto and wine talking girly topics, what do we usually talk on a chik night???.. very easy and simple.. we talk about boobs, penis, sex, relation types, implants, books..jajajaja.. also we do plans that never happens.  This night we didn’t cover all the topics just a couple of those which were pretty much: planning birthdays and thinking to get some acquantance that could be a whatever for the girl on the right side.. maybe schedule some sort of blind date…

About  planning birthdays, well as you know we are on September/October, which are two of the months with more birthdays .. why?..because people go to parties on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, drink a lot and don’t use condoms because they are too drunk!!.. or maybe they are too relax, so the probability to get pregnant is higher, besides they don’t use condoms!.. I am one of those that need to be grateful with mommy for not using those or being so relax; otherwise I wouldn’t have had the pleasure to be on this sweet place called earth.. and experience this amazing gift called life.  So this year, from the 4 chiks that were together, 3 of those will be celebrating one more year within this and next month!..  It is important to mention that mommy is coming to Costa Rica, and she is also a Lybran!  We had some plans for celebrating the coming b-days, let’s see is those plans happens (barbecue, beach, party, drinks)..I’ll keep you posted.

Regarding tis sort of blind date, it is really difficult.. I don’t know much guys in Costa Rica, so it is going to be a challenge.. I was thinking that I may put an ad on craiglist to see if something come up..hahahaha. Ohh my friend will kill me if she reads this. The other option is to convince her to go to Peru where for sure, i’ll get someone… Just kidding.  We don’t know what would happen.. but we just talk nonsense..

On the next day, I woke up with a headache I didn’t have it for some time, it was awful… i drunk a lot of water and continue sleeping until that feeling dissapear.. it was late when I got up, that I just had a chance to eat a little, and then went to buy some stuff to Aliss..In the evening, some friends came over and again almost the same story repetead…with the difference that my body was not taken any bit of wine, so Ana had the honor to drink it for both… she almost finish this 2L bottle..

In general, I believe there is nothing like friends.. they make your life easier, enjoying and see it in different perspectives.. hope we have more nights like this…  Love you!.

PD. One advice.. when you drink, take all electronic devices very far from you, otherwise it is dangerous….. guess!

Resurging….In memory to my beloved Lucy

11 Sep

It is about 9pm here in Costa Rica, and I am just watching trueblood laying on the couch because my whole body is soaring as if I lifted a truck with my arms, back and belly.  It happens when you left 3 weeks without doing any exercising, so now it seems I am starting from the beginning.

These last weeks has been very hectic and sad, now I am towards cheering up myself and moving on. I don’t remember being that sad since the last break up I had with my boyfriend that happened 4 years ago (it’s been 4 years, there’s been others of course, but u know, were not a relationship that counts in my list, however I enjoyed them…) .  Well this week something dreadful happen to me, my lovely pet Lucy passed away last Tuesday because of a kidney disease that was not able to be healed or cured. She got erlichia which is a terrible disease that if you don’t take care since the beginning, you may not be able to save your pet.  It was a new disease for me and neither me nor the vet i was taking her to,  identified it on time, so no right medicine and treatment was given to her. We went to two more vets and only the last one, who was recommended by a good friend of mine, did a full thorougly exams but delivered the worst news to me, as it was late.

It was an experience I don’t wish to anybody, at least those pet lovers that think that a dog is part of the family.  One thing I am very grateful is, having good friends.  As soon as my friends knew about it, they were there with me during the whole process. They even went with me to buried her and stay over night for me to not feel lonely and to help me picking up Lucy’s stuff.  If  it weren’t for them, things would’ve been more difficult.   Today, I feel much better, my house still feels a little lonely, and it seems she is there next me, but things are getting better day by day, and hour by hour.  What I am still having problems with is to sleep.  Lucy used to sleep with me, so I am not having good sleep right now. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Lucy, I picked Lucy 4 years ago from the streets, close to Santa Ana district in Costa Rica.. a friend of mine told me about her. She looks  funny, she was all happy and sweet, that people that live in that avenue feed her some times. I saw her, she moved her tail and saw me with those eyes, and I was all hers. She lived with me for some time, then I started travelling and my neighbord was taking care while I was out; however my trip was going to be extended so I took her to Peru and my sister and mom overlook while I was in the business trip for a year. My mom thought she was her granddaughter so I believe Lucy was a beloved dog, and conquered my family hearts from my sister, to my mom, grandma, uncles, aunt and friends.  Last December I stopped travelling so I brought Lucy back, and we start having our daily routines. I live by myself in Costa Rica, as all my family is in Peru, so Lucy was my friend and only company.  This is how I remember a la “negra”, how I used to call her too.

Because of all these good experiences I lived with her,  I decided I need to raise again, to live day by day and  do things that will help me with that as going back to exercise. You know, exercising is a need in my life,  without it I just don’t function properly.   So I decided to go to Yoga last Friday with my running partner, it was delicious, exactly what I needed. Then on Saturday, went to the gym, to lift some weight.. and now, you already know how my body is feeling.   However, my inter self feels peaceful, I believe it was the yoga, i didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Well, now I am getting ready to go for a run tomorrow morning, see I used to walk every morning with Lucy, so this is the next step…. I loved Lucy very much, but now I am coming back!!  

I dedicate to those pet lovers that went through this same experience, this only make us stronger and ready to continue giving love to those beautiful dogs..

Moving to wordpress…

11 Sep

After long time I stopped writting, here I am importing my blog to this new blogging tool that have cool stuff. All recommended by my friend Adriana who just happens to started blogging a couple weeks ago. Yeii!!

It took me almost half day, can u imagine?!! Well, most of the time was in deciding what theme was going to use, what could be the widgets I should adding, colors, etc. Yes.. you are right, I was super indecisive, was chaging the mind every 5 mins. Finally, it is done, and I can start writing again….Right now I only need some inspiration…so Inspiration COME TO MEEEEEEEEEE.. 🙂

It is 2am here, so I am going to bed, maybe read a little and tomorrow I hope the inspiration come back.. Boa Noite!