My own challenge!!

17 Mar

Does it happen to you that you wake up one morning and feel like the day is gorgeours and then go to the gym and just feel you need to give an extra mile, then you just come back to your place, turn on the TV, and there you have the Best Loser TV Show?.. Gosh, that really motivates me to give that extra mile to feel healthier and in better shape. Not sure how long it will last though. :o)

Well, crazy as it sounds and letting myself influence by the best loser TV Show, someone  would say that i am gullible, I decided to start my own challenge.  Yeeeeiii!!!. It’s been almost 6 years since I don’t take food and exercising seriously and with the discipline I used to have.   I feel like Hamlet some times, to be or not to be, that is the question!!..I love food. Sometimes it is just like having an orgasm..well maybe not that much, or maybe yes..haha will depend on the who.. well let’s back to our topic, don’t get distracted!.  Food is delicious and I think we shouldn’t prive of it, we should enjoy it without regret and just take it all, but one thing is to do it from time to time and another, to do it every day.

Some of us, don’t have the metabolism as fast as others, so having lots of food every day will be pretty soon notorious in every part of our body.  So for some, that like to feel good with ourselves and care about being in shape, a good option is to exercise and eat well. You know it has a lots of positive things..bla bla bla.

So here my own challenge, reduce 3 kilos in fat, it seems few, but it is not!. Also, i would like to get more strenght.. so directions from the nutricionist:

1. Stop drinking alcohol during 1 month.. I am not an alcoholic but having wine from time to time or margaritas will not help, i will miss it.   I’ll do my best. I had already 1 glass.. 🙂 nobody is hurt. And I have a girls night in a couple weeks, which we will have pisco!.. girls night without wine, margaritas or pisco.. ??!!
2. No Milshakes  😦 boo (1 month)
3. No advocado, olives..  (1 month)
4. No chips .. had already one little bag. I know I am addicted to the plantain chips!! I am guilty. 🙂

Exercise Exercise Exercise

One month, one month!!.. sooo, this is it for now, starting this new challenge which I hope everybody encourage me to continue..

Well, I will keep updates on my blog about how this is going. For sure I will skip this guidelines during my staying in Peru, but but.. I promise I’ll do more exercising.

Also, I am already taking some very interesting classes, that you will enjoy it to know!. I’ll share it soon. You will enjoy it!

The force to be with me!


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