Third week and enjoying living by myself again….

12 Mar
Well It’s been already three weeks and I am enjoying the time at the apartment with my self, little Lucy and friends.
Have plans to paint the whole apartment but still haven’t bought the paint.  Deciding if I will do it by myself or hire someone to do it.  Well, let’s see, I know I will have it done and then I will be focusing with the furniture.. it is so hard to decide which color for the walls, it took me more than 2 months and at the end decided for earth colors.  So soon you will see.I will post pics with the new color.
The first weekend by myself i was super tired, my muscles was hurting as if I was moving all Hermes’ furniture, which didn’t happen hehehehe..It is not I am a bad friend, it is just tiring just thinking about it.. Hermes know me. I went to yoga and it seems it was a tough class because i felt that a truck passed over me.    The succeding weekend i was out the whole day doing something I don’t remember and at night went to this Brazilian Party which was pretty fun. However I wished they put on the lateral panels what was going on on the scenario as only the people on the front was able to see the show.

Sunday was pamper day, went to get a depilation and then some massages, love that day, you just feel like a princess. Then have some italian lunch with Karlita and back to home to get some rest.

Week days have been fun, I forgot how much i enjoyed when i go to the office. Pretty much, the latest weeks I’ve been going to the office, it’s being pretty busy but i enjoying every bit of it.  I learned that we need to smile to things even if sometimes it seems a little dark. A smile will only bright everything. Besides people i was working with are just great. In other words, I can say i was letting myself go with the system, and flowing with it. :o)

Something I need help SOS.. is with the cooking. Lately I haven’t feel with the mood of cooking, so I’ve been eating pretty much outside with friends, laughing, drinking.. (not and alcoholic yet, won’t happen this month at least, I’ll later why). It is so nice to not cook and just have the food already done.. it’s sth I can do it everyday!!.. don’t you?.   Maybe I will need to date a chef or someone that will love cooking, will make my life easier and enjoyable.. 
Well yesterday was Sushi night and today, i’ll cook some salmon and veggies.  That is pretty much how it’s been going..i’ll be in touch!

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