7 months!! Who would tell…

27 Feb

Once upon a time..wait!!.. .rewind…. Around 7 months ago, I decided to look for a rommie, so I can get some extra cash to enjoy more(wine is expensive in Costa Rica, you know).  Did I have an idea what would it be??? nooo.. Was I ready for it? Nooo. Did i really want it to try it?? Yeah!.

After living for almost 7 years by myself, let’s say 5(you know)….I published on the famous craig list and FB that I was looking for a roomie, some weeks later.. I found out that Hermes, was also looking for moving out; however, he didn’t consider to move out with me at the beginning, it was Ale who talked with him, and did all the selling talk to him, and when I less expected, he was just at the department looking if he and his stuff would fit here.  That day we also talked about certain rules to consider:

(1) We should keep the house clean, and to avoid problems we will have a maid to come 3 times per week.
(2) Smoking… only outside on the balcony.
(3) Dishes… to clean them after using it. It could happen once in a while, we leave things over night, but those should be clean next morning.
(4) Parties.. just let each other know when we plan it.
(5) mmmm.. visits(you know).. just let each other know in advance.

So far so good, it seems it would be a good deal for both. It happened two weeks later that he was already moving out, and Hermes’ friend Armando sentenced us that we were going to last no more two months. He mentioned.. It wouldn’t work because of me, “I was a bitch! or bossy!..(i know i know, sometimes I could be, but noo)”  Was it nicer words?.. maybe but he meant at the end that. The reason why??.. because when he came to help Hermes with the moving, I was guiding him to move things carefully to not smash the walls..  Huh?!!

I felt at the begginning that i was invaded and my personal space was taken away… hello, i told to my self in order bring me back to earth, i had a rommie now, he was not like the genie in the bottle where he can just snap his fingers and get everything in his room..Jelou?!

We had UPs and DoWnS! and many learnings…. I learned to live with someone, my tolerance level improved huge, I start communicating things and not be that much reserve,  we laugh till tears every other day.  I remember that Hermes hate it when I use to turn off the lights.  Once, he almost throw my door down, because he was furious that i turned off the kitchen/living room lights when he was still on the studio. Of course, he kept it in that moment,  but told me later.. when we were drinking some wine and smoking one cigarrete. Those were the VISA moments that we told each other what we did that made us hate it on that moment, then just laugh loud because it was funny everything that pass through our minds.    I believe it is important to be told, because we are not harry potter with our cristal ball, i didn’t know things he dislikes it and vice.

I also remember I didn’t like it when the cover top of the kitchen was not clean after he used it, ohhh how much it disgusted me, and he knew it, so it was worst. 

There were great times too, i love it when Hermes prepared the breakfast, only twice during hte 7 months. We usually cook different, so each of us cook our own food. 

Hermes preparandome el desa…yayyy

I believe we ended up like bro and sis, we discuss, we were in bad mood, we cry, we ask advice to each other in love in work..etc..we complain..we stop talking for a couple of days, because we got tired of each other, and then we were sharing coffee looking to talk back because we just miss it.

wine evenning..

So, what can I say about those 7 months?.. It was a great experience, I learn so many new things, it was something that needed to happen. I always believe that each person we met in our life, is because we need to share something with them or we need to learn something from them. I do believe I learned many things and it has made me better as a person.

with my roomie in Guapiles

What do I need to say for people who is thinking to have a roomie for first time?. Think it very well, and do a list of things you can bear with or tolerate it. Each person is unique so it is not easy.  If there are things that you cannot tolerate at all, it is better to be clear since day -1.   On the other side, it is nice to have someone to talk anytime, and to share good and bad times anytime.  Always a nice experience!.

So just want it to share a little bit of the last 7 months, of course there are thousand of stories to tell, but you know.. we cannot tell everything!. 


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