Last book read – In cold blood.

30 Jan

I’ve not written for some time, so here it goes my first post for 2011. This is a book review of Truman Capote’s writings from my personal viewpoint.
Before I started to read In cold blood, i was expecting to be hooked up since the first page of the book, as it happened when i read the Don or Omerta. Unfortunately i needed to read around 50 pages until i got into the book. This is not a book about Mafia, or itallians people, but a true story.

The book, based on a true story, i about a non heart assassination that took place in a quite place in Kansas. Truman starts the book giving a detail of the family and what they do or  their behaviour prior the incident. And then how all pieces of the assassitation start being gathered, the detail description of how the killing ocurred and how it changes the life of the investigators that were on the crime scene and got  the killers. The killers were punished with the death penalty, and were executed around 5 years after the robbery. Now, this is the most incredible thing, 4 lives in exchange of 47 dollars; this can make some people get sick. 

The book is very well written, and the way details are put together make the book interesting. However, the book may leave you a bad flavor in your mouth, and maybe some mix feelings or thoughts about what is right and wrong. I ended asking myself, if that would happen to me(supposition), i may be full of resentment and may want them to be dead, or to pay every minute of their life in prison with no option to leave it. On the otherside, they are people, one which behaviour or personality may be a result of the system and which life was unfair, and the other really a very intelligent person that you expect to bright in life and not to commit murder.

Every person is unique and reacts different to the situations; however, can that justified what they did?.  Is the death penalty something civilized?.  There are still countries were death penalty are in place, and the different methods are stonning, falling, gas chamber, electrical chair or lethal weapon. However is it human that some people decide to take the life of other ones?.

See.. so many questions. If you are the one that likes to give some thought on the subject and get entertein with a very well written story, i do recommend you the book. 


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