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Introducing my friend Lau..

2 Nov

While I was writing my post regarding Jill Mansell’s books, I mentioned Lau, and realized that I mentioned her in older posts and I am sure I will continue mentioning her… Therefore, I believe all of you need to know a little bit of her, so you can get familiar as much as I am..

Everything begin one dark night in a creepy place where we needed to get the way out.. we were only the two of us plus two other friends..

Without jokes.. Lau and I work together, and we met when we were assigned on the same project but to work in different groups. We share the same war room for 4 months in a row..full time. So during this project, we shared happy and sad moments and many challenges where joking and talking about the law of attraction became our only salvation to keep our enthusiasm up.  After this period, we were already friends, then all of the group move to different ways.. Lau went to Spain for a year to complete her Master, I went for a year to Philippines, Paula was on maternity leave and then assigned to work from home and Cinthia was in Costa Rica..

After this year, we came back to Costa Rica..i got the assignment for Unilever project and Lau was assigned to another want for few months until Unilever project suck her up.. :o)

Being both of us working at the same project, we start to be together again and sharing many experiences.. I will say enjoyable one. One person we know would say, we have a life to tell on a three-day trip.. so imagine how much we can say..

Lau is a Psychologist and love the wine, as well as me. I remember once we were on Buenos Aires, so we decided to go to dinner to this restaurant named “Las Lilas” (highly recommended) and we started with half bottle of wine. It was a pretty cold day, i was freezing.  There was this thing that I thought was keeping us warm, so I requested the waiter to get me another one..the waiter, look at me with a face “you-only-have-one glass-of-wine-loser!” while explaining me that that thing was to put the tray not to keep me warm..  OK, OK.. everybody laugh, I did, too..


Jill Mansell’s books

2 Nov

For the light book readers’ fans, I have a great recommendation this time. This is a new writer for me named Jill Mansell.

It is pretty funny how I started reading  her books.. everything started on a trip I did last Holy week to Rio with Lau.  We got to this room shared with another 4 more people(all backpackers),and one of them  was this english girl who was spending her last day there, she had just finished to read a book called “Rumor has it”. It has nothing to do with the movie where Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner performed….noooo!!!. Totally different!. well, I love reading and didn’t have a book with me, I started checking quickly the book, so this girl saw me interested on it, told me to keep it, because she already finished it and she preferred to have less weight in her back pack.   It is a very old book, that seems to be lots of time under the sun..

In few words, I enjoyed the book since the beginning till the end. I was acting like crazy, smiling and laughing out loud by myself at the beach…it was soo great that I finished the book two days after i started.  I lend the book to Lau and she found it very enjoyable too…easy to read.

After that nice experience, I took advantage when I was in NYC to look for those books.. got only 3 books from her and one of them was the one I already read, so I bought the other 2.  It was a crazy book buying I have that day, because I got in my bag 9-11 books from USA..lots to read until December. I will be pretty busy..  Going back to Jill, the books I got was “Miranda’s big mistake” and “an offer you can’t refuse”… both of them, I am sure you will enjoy it and won’t want to leave it until you are done. It is really an very nice, well describe and light writting and it may turn out an addiction but an enjoyable one.

I am just few pages away to complete reading ” Miranda’s big mistake “, and I am taking every available bit of time to continue reading. I believe I will be done before going back to Costa Rica.

Well, three recomendations this time, hope you get a chance to get a book from her!!..