Eat, Pray and Love mood..

15 Oct

After three weeks since I went to Barnes and Nobel to buy this soo well-known book, called eat, pray and love, I was able to finish it.  Since I receive the first recommendation from my lovely friend Jess, and then seen the trailers everywhere, I knew I had to read the book.

What can I say about the book?. I admire the author, she was able to write so openly and selfishness about her experience, her silly thoughts, that I believe, all of us have ..since the dark nightmares we pass thru when we end a relationship until the excitement we feel inside of us, after knowing the interesting someone; and what we feel pshysically when we are attracted to him.. and I would say more, if we are in some kind of celibacy…ask me!

The book has made me think about so many things, first, I would love to go to Italy, learning italian??.. why not, i totally agree with Liz that Italian is one of the most attractive languages..I cannot leave behind french, but italian made you feel something electric inside..  Taste all the dishes she talked about, of course!..that is key, at least for me, that love eating and who loves italian food.  That reminds me that I have a italian cuisine book waiting for me to try to create allt he dishes explained in their pages. It was a gift from John, part of my birthday presents, a long list of birthday present I received. Anyway, I believe this is a call for me to try to cook the different dishes and experience a little bit of italian food from Costa Rica.

About India..what can I say?.. I had only one week experience of Pranayamas.. do I would like to try more?..definetively.  This is funny, but I am looking from some time ago, for a Yoga center where i can start doing this practice. I am meditating some mornings, but it is just an empiric practice, after reading some books. So this is the main reason I started looking for Yoga Centers.  Let’s see how it goes, for sure I’ll keep you updated. India, why not.. I love travelling ..

About Indonesia, well.. i wish I would’ve spend more days in this charming place.. learned more of the history and the balinense people.

Definitively, this is changing the way I would spend my future trips.. I would like to learn more about the place itself, the people .. I usually make friends with residences there but I will try to get the most of it next time.

About the reflections, I believe, the book will get  inside you if you are in searching of yourself.. I do recommend to get this book, as her point of view just help you to have the courage to say the things outloud and not keeping it inside yourself….

Now it is time to get ready, after watching this amazing sunset from the balcony. These days the sunset has just been so incredible, with all changing colors since pink, purple, light blue and the orange soo strong that resembles the fire..  Today is Sushi night and movies night..

Book Recommended!!


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