Getting out from holidays mode…Introducing my roomiw

6 Oct

These last days have been pretty relaxing.  I feel soo peaceful and in harmony with the world, that I cannot describe…  I am just enjoying being here writing in my blog while I am eating some pineapple.. Besides, just came back from the movies as we had kind of girls night out..what else can we ask?.

Well, there is a little thing though… I believe I am being addicted to Megavideo!!! there is always something, HA!.. (smile). I had a great discovery, Laura shared with me a link where I can see the last season of my favorite show, Drop Dead Diva.  I am just separated by a click… I click on the link and voila! I have access to this amazing world of last season showsssss.. At the beginning i needed to wait around 40 minutes before starting to watch the shows, but thanks to my lovely roomie, Hermes, I am able to have full access.

See, let me tell something about Hermes, he is my roomie so it will be good that you start knowing him… Hermes’ passion are electronics. and download movies in want to watch a movie, just ask him,you want to listen a song or a video, you ask him…..I believe he has around 100+ movies.. . his favorite show is Tekzila..and he has this big TV with all the other devices to watch movies like cinema..It is really great to have a roomie like him!!. So Hermes, has a pre-paid account which allow me to watch everything on Megavideo at any time… after this discovery, the goal of reading my books are in jeopardy… i am within my shows or books..  I know this sounds silly, but I do really enjoy both things..

Well, i’ll tell you what is winning…….. I am in the half of two books right now.. and also in the middle of the shows.. Let’s see what wins this weekend….. I am looking forward to rest and just watch a movie or read..but enjoy being at home.

So now, let me introduce you Hermes ..

Me and Hermes at Bochinche

Good Night!!


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