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Eat, Pray and Love mood..

15 Oct

After three weeks since I went to Barnes and Nobel to buy this soo well-known book, called eat, pray and love, I was able to finish it.  Since I receive the first recommendation from my lovely friend Jess, and then seen the trailers everywhere, I knew I had to read the book.

What can I say about the book?. I admire the author, she was able to write so openly and selfishness about her experience, her silly thoughts, that I believe, all of us have ..since the dark nightmares we pass thru when we end a relationship until the excitement we feel inside of us, after knowing the interesting someone; and what we feel pshysically when we are attracted to him.. and I would say more, if we are in some kind of celibacy…ask me!

The book has made me think about so many things, first, I would love to go to Italy, learning italian??.. why not, i totally agree with Liz that Italian is one of the most attractive languages..I cannot leave behind french, but italian made you feel something electric inside..  Taste all the dishes she talked about, of course!..that is key, at least for me, that love eating and who loves italian food.  That reminds me that I have a italian cuisine book waiting for me to try to create allt he dishes explained in their pages. It was a gift from John, part of my birthday presents, a long list of birthday present I received. Anyway, I believe this is a call for me to try to cook the different dishes and experience a little bit of italian food from Costa Rica.

About India..what can I say?.. I had only one week experience of Pranayamas.. do I would like to try more?..definetively.  This is funny, but I am looking from some time ago, for a Yoga center where i can start doing this practice. I am meditating some mornings, but it is just an empiric practice, after reading some books. So this is the main reason I started looking for Yoga Centers.  Let’s see how it goes, for sure I’ll keep you updated. India, why not.. I love travelling ..

About Indonesia, well.. i wish I would’ve spend more days in this charming place.. learned more of the history and the balinense people.

Definitively, this is changing the way I would spend my future trips.. I would like to learn more about the place itself, the people .. I usually make friends with residences there but I will try to get the most of it next time.

About the reflections, I believe, the book will get  inside you if you are in searching of yourself.. I do recommend to get this book, as her point of view just help you to have the courage to say the things outloud and not keeping it inside yourself….

Now it is time to get ready, after watching this amazing sunset from the balcony. These days the sunset has just been so incredible, with all changing colors since pink, purple, light blue and the orange soo strong that resembles the fire..  Today is Sushi night and movies night..

Book Recommended!!


Getting out from holidays mode…Introducing my roomiw

6 Oct

These last days have been pretty relaxing.  I feel soo peaceful and in harmony with the world, that I cannot describe…  I am just enjoying being here writing in my blog while I am eating some pineapple.. Besides, just came back from the movies as we had kind of girls night out..what else can we ask?.

Well, there is a little thing though… I believe I am being addicted to Megavideo!!! there is always something, HA!.. (smile). I had a great discovery, Laura shared with me a link where I can see the last season of my favorite show, Drop Dead Diva.  I am just separated by a click… I click on the link and voila! I have access to this amazing world of last season showsssss.. At the beginning i needed to wait around 40 minutes before starting to watch the shows, but thanks to my lovely roomie, Hermes, I am able to have full access.

See, let me tell something about Hermes, he is my roomie so it will be good that you start knowing him… Hermes’ passion are electronics. and download movies in want to watch a movie, just ask him,you want to listen a song or a video, you ask him…..I believe he has around 100+ movies.. . his favorite show is Tekzila..and he has this big TV with all the other devices to watch movies like cinema..It is really great to have a roomie like him!!. So Hermes, has a pre-paid account which allow me to watch everything on Megavideo at any time… after this discovery, the goal of reading my books are in jeopardy… i am within my shows or books..  I know this sounds silly, but I do really enjoy both things..

Well, i’ll tell you what is winning…….. I am in the half of two books right now.. and also in the middle of the shows.. Let’s see what wins this weekend….. I am looking forward to rest and just watch a movie or read..but enjoy being at home.

So now, let me introduce you Hermes ..

Me and Hermes at Bochinche

Good Night!!

Last days in NYC

5 Oct

Days have run out.. it is amazing how fast things goes nowadays.  Today I am with my small bag taking the path and the metro subway, going to my cousing department. I am going to leave my things there and then I will go out for a walk and to get some massages to my feet. I am getting a pedicure and manicure, this place at the 51St with 2nd Av, is owned by these chinese people who are pretty quick, give you great massages and charge you moderately in comparison with the other places. I have asked to other 4 places, and this is the best deal. 

Now, I am ready to go back, rest a little bit, so I can get ready to the party.

I was able to sleep for 1 hour, when Dora and Christine knock the door, Julissa has not arrived yet. So I start talking with Dora and her daughter when Rebecca, my cousin’s best friend arrives. She is very pretty and she is dressing very elegant.. OMG, where am I going to get a dress that elegant for the party. Didn’t know we needed to dress up like that.

It is 9PM and finally, Julissa arrives. She has bought two dresses for the night, and a pair of wonderful shoes. She try both and but unanimous decision, we chose the trendy dress. She is almost ready. While she is dressing up, I am trying the 3 dresses she gave me, those are very short dresses, wow, fortunately, got one that it is not that short and that I am able to feel confortable. Rebecca helped me out with the make up. We are ready for partying!!! yeii

Rebe, me and Juli …ready to party

Let me tell you, this place is full of pretty people.  It is not easy to get it, my feet are hurting, these heels are too high, I want to go back to the apartment and sleep.. I am upset, thinking..stupid party, stupid people that need to have soo much money to get here or to know someone important..aghh, but it is my cousin’s birthday celebration, so I shut up my mouth and continue waiting until the security guy allows us to get in.. It is fool, there is no enough space to dance.. my cousin is upset because someone took his table.  Suddenly, someone give us a table, well, my cousin bought a Champage called Magnum which cost 850buck (tip included), so that is the answer of getting a table that fast.. then Rebecca bought the second bottle.. everybody is happy, I am jumping and dancing, who said this party was stupid and the doing the line was is great!!.. I took out my shoes, and start dancing.. everybody is happy, drinking drinking, taking pictures and looking some gorgeous men.. Soo quickly and it is 5AM, my stomach started to do some sounds, we are all tired soo.. it is time to get something to eat. Now, I am with Ayren and Rebecca, went to have a breakfast.. it was a blast!! We are talking soo much that the guys in the restaurant …  It is nice to spend the days just enjoying..without any other worries. So easy to get use to this..

Juli’s friends and me

Next day, it is my last day in Manhattan, but I feel quiet, happy that soon I will be back in my lovely Costa Rica. I want to walk and have a normal day in this fast city. So we decided with Jul to go to the movies..we  want to watch Eat, Pray and Love. I am reading the book, so I want to watch it sooo much.  The movies was great and relax..

Things to do on this last day:

1. Go to Barnes and Nobles and get the book my sister asked me. She is soo fascinated with Jodi Picould that she wants another book from her. (DONE).

2. Have Late Lunch – We went to this italian place, so nice. We ate one pizza each.. we are like pigs. (DONE).

3. Get at least a couple hours of rest (Only fot 30 mins).  We walked so much!!.. besides my cousin took me to the biggest bookstore, so I spent so much time looking everything.. I bought soo many books, 1 from truman cappote, 2 from jill Mansell, 2 from Leon Tolstoi..i just want to read classics again, and 2 extras..   I can tell that I have books till December!!

4. Get the gift for mum and sis  (DONE). Juli wanted to send sth to them..

5. Go to Party (DONE). Last night I went out with Caty and her friends. It is full Salsa, buuu, the place is super nice, but I am not an expert of Salsa, but I get the most of it. I saw this cute bartender, that I needed to tell him and he gave me a sweet kiss with his thin lips.. yammi yammi.

Won a kiss from the bartender..hahaha
Me and Caty… friends forever! (since primary school)

6. Go to the airport.. (DONE). My flight left at 6AM, so I needed to go there after Gonzalez y Gonzalez.. Roger (Caty’s friend), is taking me to the airport. All of them are soooo nice, I am pretty lucky.

7. Arrive at lovely Costa Rica (Done)

It seems I neve leave Costa Rica, or I’ve never been in NYC… how amazing we can move from one place to the other.. I ask myself, is this a dream?.. Was I that lucky and that blessed?.. I was in Manhattan, wasn’t I?..   I am super tired, but soo satisfy and grateful. It was a amazing trip, with amazing people, with so much love, that I can only say Thank you all of you that were with me, and that give me a hand.. I love you guys, I had such amazing days, that I couldn’t enjoy them better.

Were you waiting some hot stories????.hahaha. Let me tell you that I was well behave. Next time.

Now, it is time to plan the next trip.. My sweet Peru, I am going soon..

Hope you enjoy my trip stories as much as I enjoy writing them!!

Pura Vida.