Counting down the days…

30 Sep

Day 7: I am at the Metropolitan is my auntie Doris, her friend Dora and Dora’s daugther, named Christine… we have a couple of hours to go around… got maps, know what we want to check, so we are ready…

Soo big, pretty nice, look some paints from Monet, Modern Art Exhibition and a Photograph exhibition.. pretty nice. Now, I am lost, it seems that I am travelling thorugh time while i move from one room from the other..

I am lost, need to get to the meet point and wait for the is time to get the tickets for Broadway.

Show to watch…Mamma Mia!!..Some ABBA music is always great. The show was amazing, laught into tears, enjoy music, we danced and sang with the actors..

Day feet is in full pain, and today is shopping day, eat day and movies day.. not much to tell.. as all women, we spent some time inside Century 21, got some shower curtains, and a jacket.  Went to the same Thai Restaurant I went before with caty, had a blast there…great talk and food..just love it!!!..

Going to watch the movie, we passed  by Time Square, AGAIN!!, addiction, remember.  There is a contest about who is the best chinese chef. They are all cooking outside, I believe there is around 10… There is people from some channel interviewing the we decide to run out, because we feel them so close.

After that, we went to Regal Cinema to watch You, Again..highly recommneded..for girls.  We enjoyed a lot. Now I just want to sleep…sorry cannot tell more. I can ensure it was excited.


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