Day 2 & 3 : Recognition mode, Preparation mode and Celebration!!

26 Sep

I am back!!. After arriving in JFK without any problems!!.

Day 2: Cati introduce me to the train system within NJ and NYC… we went to the Maddison Square, to check the place and then we head back to NJ. I needed to study a little bit, before my vacations start properly.  Not much to say, only that we have lunch on a ecuatorian place, pretty nice.. who would say, being so far and eating almost peruvian food.

In front of Madisson Square

Day 3: Woke up very early, took quick shower, everything was peace and quiet.  Today is September 25th, and I needed to go back to NYC to take one test.

if you ask yourself how to hug someone you just know for about 1 minute, it is easy!!  Just get up on his motorcycle and ask him to take you through NYC from NJ through the highway.  Great rush, experience, and adrenaline!!… It was a great trip, and of course, this help to take every little bit of nervousism I make have left out of me.

I arrived well and complete to NYC, ready to take the exam. After 4:30 hours, good news for all of you my fellows, I PASS!!!!  Now, I can say I am a PMP.

Sooooo… time to celebrate. Follow the new yorican style, I had all my party clothes in my bag, 10 minutes later and I was ready to party, and celebrate my 32!

I was invited (Thanks for Caty again!) to a weeding of a Peruvian and a Ecuatorian, great party, enjoy tons, great music.. my feets are hurting. Amazing!!. Will post pictures soon.

Well, need to leave today, as it is Brooklyn day.


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