Vacations Vacations: Day 1 (09/23) Preparations

24 Sep

Finally, after more than a year..vacation days are coming!! yeiii.. It’s not being easy, it’s being like crazy, within the project, the Portuguese classes, the extra courses that have made me feel back in the university, yikes… crazy crazy, but enjoyable in their own way.

Vacations are not planned, but I have my school friend, Caty, in New Jersey and my cousin and aunt that live in NYC (Julissa and auntie Doris – it is not the bluefish from NEMO, not an imaginary friend, either!), so it is great that I will be able to see them and stay with them for some time.    It is sooo good to have Caty; she already got a SIM Card and a phone, so I will be communicated. With friends like that !!!..

On this century, to be connected to the world is KEY!! (at least for me). This is the saying of someone that forget where her cell phone is, hahaha, at least I have a laptop and I am always Facebooking.

To do things for today are:
1. Go for a run… NEXT TIME.. soo tired and I will walk a lot in NYC, so who cares..
2. Leave car keys with Ale ( my great friends Ale and Mel will take my car to the agency, so it can be repaired while I am away). Thank you girls, I love you!!!.   Done.
3. Wash clothes and put it on the dryer (Imagine those running T-shirts being with all the sweat for one week… YIKES!!! ). Done. Clothes are clean.
4. Send bank letter to my sis. Done.
5. Send bye letter to my roomie and some extra pending items. Done.
6. Have breakfast.. Done.. it was yummy yummy.. i am trying this new ACTIVIA Yogourt, to see if everything they say is true (the one who believes on the announcement, as someone would tell me..soo guligable).. and also donating my 0.10 cents for the breast cancer.   :o) At least one good action on the day!!
7. Get to the airport and enjoy the flight (if it is possible – all devices are ready to make the trip enjoyable).  On waiting Room..
8. Blogging.. in progress.

See, i’ve been keeping myself busy.. Something important to share before leaving.. I am surprise with the new Costa Rica airport,  it has changed a lot, it seems bigger, cleaner  and nice. If you decide to come to Costa Rica, I am sure you will like it, it has improved from what it used to be!.  Something I wish it would have improved too, is the internet connection…for a change..RACSA is not working.

Sis, translate this to my mom, love and kisses to gradma and Lucy.

Well, my blogger friends.. this is all for today.  Pura Vida!!


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