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Counting down the days…

30 Sep

Day 7: I am at the Metropolitan is my auntie Doris, her friend Dora and Dora’s daugther, named Christine… we have a couple of hours to go around… got maps, know what we want to check, so we are ready…

Soo big, pretty nice, look some paints from Monet, Modern Art Exhibition and a Photograph exhibition.. pretty nice. Now, I am lost, it seems that I am travelling thorugh time while i move from one room from the other..

I am lost, need to get to the meet point and wait for the is time to get the tickets for Broadway.

Show to watch…Mamma Mia!!..Some ABBA music is always great. The show was amazing, laught into tears, enjoy music, we danced and sang with the actors..

Day feet is in full pain, and today is shopping day, eat day and movies day.. not much to tell.. as all women, we spent some time inside Century 21, got some shower curtains, and a jacket.  Went to the same Thai Restaurant I went before with caty, had a blast there…great talk and food..just love it!!!..

Going to watch the movie, we passed  by Time Square, AGAIN!!, addiction, remember.  There is a contest about who is the best chinese chef. They are all cooking outside, I believe there is around 10… There is people from some channel interviewing the we decide to run out, because we feel them so close.

After that, we went to Regal Cinema to watch You, Again..highly recommneded..for girls.  We enjoyed a lot. Now I just want to sleep…sorry cannot tell more. I can ensure it was excited.


Almost the week is over!!

30 Sep

Day  5:  My little town blues, they are melting away, I gonna make a brand new start of it, in old New York… with the rhythm of Frank Sinatra song, I enjoyed some time sitting just in the middle of Time Square. It was me sitting in the red chair with my yellow taxi umbrella…people was moving from one way to the other, philharmonic music was surrounding the place, lights and ads changing all over us.  There is so much energy, that it seems that being on this place can make you addicted. Addicted to feel the energy that is everywhere.

Towards Time Square

At Time Square…eating, for a change…

I can say that this spot is one of my favorite ones… After walking the whole morning with the rain, I got tired. I run on to this little store, next to the information center in the Time Square, asking for the price of an umbrella. After waiting for 15 minutes, the guy in the store asked me to wait, as  he needed to bring one umbrella from the storage.  Ten minutes later, I wanted to run out from the store, the guy just charged 12 USD to this foreign people for that simple umbrella.. Incredible!!. At the same time, the guy arrived with the brand new umbrella from the storage, and told you are “my paisana”, which means we are from the same country, take it for 5 bucks.. wow.. great start for today!!!.  I still feel pity for the other guy, but well, I continue walking around this great city..

After walking for an hour, I felt the need to get on a library. So I started walking towards Berns and Noble. Small library, but got two books I was looking for.. Eat, Love and Pray and the second fiction book, which I do not remember the name now..something about the girl who likes the fire …

Went out from the library, and the rainy was worst.. so needed to get on an starbucks to have a hot mocha and start reading the book, while my feet get some rest.  Stayed there for a couple of hours until it stopped the rain.

Time to go back and feel back the energy of time square, so I went back to this great spot, and walk around..checking every add posted around this place, taking pictures as another tourist around the place. I was already 5-6 hours moving from one place to the other…already 6PM..until I felt something talking to me…ooops my poor stomach was claiming some attention… Sooo..after looking the list of places for eating, got this great thai spot close to broadway.

I headed to this very nice place, and as expected, I requested some green curry with sticky rice… while I continue reading Eat, Love and Pray… huh.. seems it was day of addictions.. or I would rather say, satisfaccions..

  Great early dinner, great book, great people, great city… it is already 8PM, let-s go back to NJ, I thought. It was my first time going in the train by myself, so i decided to head back early.  After one hour, I can report I arrived pretty good. No lost.

Day 6: Family Day.  I am going to meet up with my aunt in Manhattan to go to the Madamme Nusseau..Once there, I was with my mouth opened all the time, looking how thin hollywood women are, incredible!!!.. I love food, not sure I can ever be that size. Anyway, it was also great to find those great and cute guys so real… I was so excited. I was 10 at that moment, jumping and moving from one place from the other, I want a picture with everybody.  After this, early lunch.. fortunately my cousin, Hans, is free, so we went out to The Dinner restaurant in the location of Chelsea. My aunt’s nephew is a manager of that restaurant, so we took advantage to have lunch there, talk to him, and receive a great service.  Very nice, you know, after so much time to not see your family, you start getting in touch with all the details…

With my guys!!!..

Time to go back to Time Square, and get some tickets for a Broadway..didn’t found the one for Billi Elliot, so we decided to watch the New York Ballet in the Liconln Center.  We jump on a bus, looking the broadway streets towards the Liconln Center. The plan is to have some early dinner before the Ballet, so we went to Fiorello’s Restaurant by my auntie’s recommendation.  Great dinner, now.. it is time to run and cross the street to get to the ballet.

I believe I ate soo much, I am falling sleep the first ten minutes, I am starting to think that I do not like the ballet, how it is possible, I am falling sleep.. I suppose to adore the ballet… Suddenly, there is a piece that started from Tchaivkosky after that, mmmm, it seems i am waking up.. great!!..Amazing, the show was great…after that piece, it started the main one based on an Argentinan Poem.. Great Show, totally awake, so I am very pleased.

Outside the Theatre, it was a lot of windy…

Day 4: Brooklyn Day

27 Sep

What can I say?!!.. Brooklyn Bridge was great, pretty cool. I do recomend the walking through the brigde.

Caty’s friend took me to NYC, again!!.  Let me introduce to them.. First of all, we have Caty, my school friend. We know each other since we were 9 years old, she is very caring, patient and lovely person.


 Then, we have her two ecuatorian friends. They are very nice people, really a bless to know them. We have Guillermo and Roger. 

Roger (to the left) and Guille (to the right)

To do things for Brooklyn Day.. (1) Walk through the bridge, enjoy the exhibitions around there and (2) eat an ice cream in the Brooklyn factory ice cream. People says that the best home made ice creams are there. I would say, I love it, we ate 3 scoops of ice cream, it was like lunch.. RECOMMENDED.

I’ll post the pictures on the facebook later. Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to be with the computer that much, just being here and there.

(3) Go to Chinatown and Little Italy.. it was amazyng.. great food, and we enjoy the Genaro’s festival.  While walking around there, we also found the best thing you can do if you are bored. You can think about this option.. see the pics below..

It is a real car.. haaa I bet I can do it in ONE week!!!

I may change my hobby, now.. I was inspired… (yeahhh! right!!)

Amazing, huh. We were looking at them, and trying to found out how they did the details, or the part of the tires.

(4) Last and I would say the most espectacular thing we did, was going to the Hamilton Park.. to the view, Weehocken, and we took the pictures below, that I think those speaks by themselves.. (hope you enjoy them).

New York, New York

The Empire State

Guys!. I had a great time. Cannot thank that much to Caty, Roger and Guille for the yesterday.

(5).. Pass Roger’s test about NYC.. I though I was over with tests on this trip, but it seems it is chasing me.. It was great, I believe I can recognize which is the Chrysler Bulding, the two tunnels we used and the name of the river. Got a 100%% maybe less, because I forgot a couple of names ..

Time to leave you today. Need to check what is going to be the plan for the week.. keep you posted.

See ya.

Day 2 & 3 : Recognition mode, Preparation mode and Celebration!!

26 Sep

I am back!!. After arriving in JFK without any problems!!.

Day 2: Cati introduce me to the train system within NJ and NYC… we went to the Maddison Square, to check the place and then we head back to NJ. I needed to study a little bit, before my vacations start properly.  Not much to say, only that we have lunch on a ecuatorian place, pretty nice.. who would say, being so far and eating almost peruvian food.

In front of Madisson Square

Day 3: Woke up very early, took quick shower, everything was peace and quiet.  Today is September 25th, and I needed to go back to NYC to take one test.

if you ask yourself how to hug someone you just know for about 1 minute, it is easy!!  Just get up on his motorcycle and ask him to take you through NYC from NJ through the highway.  Great rush, experience, and adrenaline!!… It was a great trip, and of course, this help to take every little bit of nervousism I make have left out of me.

I arrived well and complete to NYC, ready to take the exam. After 4:30 hours, good news for all of you my fellows, I PASS!!!!  Now, I can say I am a PMP.

Sooooo… time to celebrate. Follow the new yorican style, I had all my party clothes in my bag, 10 minutes later and I was ready to party, and celebrate my 32!

I was invited (Thanks for Caty again!) to a weeding of a Peruvian and a Ecuatorian, great party, enjoy tons, great music.. my feets are hurting. Amazing!!. Will post pictures soon.

Well, need to leave today, as it is Brooklyn day.

Vacations Vacations: Day 1 (09/23) Preparations

24 Sep

Finally, after more than a year..vacation days are coming!! yeiii.. It’s not being easy, it’s being like crazy, within the project, the Portuguese classes, the extra courses that have made me feel back in the university, yikes… crazy crazy, but enjoyable in their own way.

Vacations are not planned, but I have my school friend, Caty, in New Jersey and my cousin and aunt that live in NYC (Julissa and auntie Doris – it is not the bluefish from NEMO, not an imaginary friend, either!), so it is great that I will be able to see them and stay with them for some time.    It is sooo good to have Caty; she already got a SIM Card and a phone, so I will be communicated. With friends like that !!!..

On this century, to be connected to the world is KEY!! (at least for me). This is the saying of someone that forget where her cell phone is, hahaha, at least I have a laptop and I am always Facebooking.

To do things for today are:
1. Go for a run… NEXT TIME.. soo tired and I will walk a lot in NYC, so who cares..
2. Leave car keys with Ale ( my great friends Ale and Mel will take my car to the agency, so it can be repaired while I am away). Thank you girls, I love you!!!.   Done.
3. Wash clothes and put it on the dryer (Imagine those running T-shirts being with all the sweat for one week… YIKES!!! ). Done. Clothes are clean.
4. Send bank letter to my sis. Done.
5. Send bye letter to my roomie and some extra pending items. Done.
6. Have breakfast.. Done.. it was yummy yummy.. i am trying this new ACTIVIA Yogourt, to see if everything they say is true (the one who believes on the announcement, as someone would tell me..soo guligable).. and also donating my 0.10 cents for the breast cancer.   :o) At least one good action on the day!!
7. Get to the airport and enjoy the flight (if it is possible – all devices are ready to make the trip enjoyable).  On waiting Room..
8. Blogging.. in progress.

See, i’ve been keeping myself busy.. Something important to share before leaving.. I am surprise with the new Costa Rica airport,  it has changed a lot, it seems bigger, cleaner  and nice. If you decide to come to Costa Rica, I am sure you will like it, it has improved from what it used to be!.  Something I wish it would have improved too, is the internet connection…for a change..RACSA is not working.

Sis, translate this to my mom, love and kisses to gradma and Lucy.

Well, my blogger friends.. this is all for today.  Pura Vida!!

Blogging Again – Second Try!

18 Sep

Finally, since my first attempt of being a blogger, it’s been around 4 years, only one publish and that was it. So, here it goes again!, second try, hope this is it.

Within here and there, and let the work suck my time, now we are applying this work and life balance motivation. Or should be life and work balance?. Huh…

Creo que este sitio, encontraremos un poco de Spanglish. Talvés más Español que Inglés, ya que está dirigido a mi familia bella que está en Perú, mi madre no habla ingles, so… Siempre me dicen que no les cuento mucho, asi que con este blog podrán dar un vistazo a mi día o semana.

Pronto, les cuento por qué la idea de retomar el blog..jaaa..los dejo con la intriga. Voy una Coke Helada y a dormir.